Coloured Pencil Treasures Book

Article by Julie Douglas – Coloured Pencil Drawing Certificate Course (C12)

Recently I was asked to contribute an image to a new book highlighting what is happening in the world of Colour Pencil, globally,  today. I was honoured to be invited. All artists were asked to answer two questions, one about the specific image selected and the other was to explain our personal approaches to our work, as if we only had two minutes to sum it up! This was a great way of focusing the mind, and the different answers given throughout the book make it unique, valuable and varied.

Often, with both exhibitions and publications, there are artworks which don’t quite make the grade but this book is rather astonishing in that everything is amazing. A variety of subject matter and amazingly skilled artwork, to include all subjects and themes.

And while there is a wealth of artwork to be found on the internet, it is so lovely to have a good book in your hand, to really peer at some great work. I am really grateful to Ann Kullberg who co-ordinated it all, in a space of about 3 weeks, and would recommend the book to anyone who is interested in good imagery, no matter what medium you enjoy using.

You can purchase the CP Treasures book, share it on facebook and preview all of the pages here –

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