We have recently received this wonderful testimonial from a pet portraits diploma student who passed their course with distinction and thought we would add it to the blog. We have also added it to our website too. Please visit Gabrielles website to see more of her wonderful artwork! www.gabriellemarlowartgallery.com


I just finished my Pet Portrait course and enjoyed every part of it. It really has helped to develop the skills I needed to take my animal paintings up to the next level.  I am already receiving some commissions which are generated by posters, business cards leading to my website and word of mouth. The most rewarding thing has been that it has made people smile and even brought a little tear to someone’s eye when they saw their beloved pet in a painting. We always strive to get the ‘wow factor’ and when I achieved that it was the biggest enjoyment of making someone happy.

Two of my horse paintings were accepted into the Royal Easter Show in Sydney and on top of this they both sold! This has given me the encouragement to do  more. I hope to work towards an exhibition of paintings of horses in the landscape and have approached two galleries and both were interested. So now all there is left to do is lots and lots of painting.

Thanks Melanie Phillips for the great course and wonderful support you have given me as well as the London Art College for providing the opportunity to further develop my painting skills.

Gabrielle Marlow   www.gabriellemarlowartgallery.com

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