We have received a wonderful piece of artwork from a Children’s illustration student that was blogworthy. Laura has written us a piece to go along with the artwork for our students to read. I hope that you find it inspiring!


For this piece I decided to use simple, loose linear work with a cartoony theme and humorous edge.

Being a country girl I chose to use the countryside as inspiration, with the farm animals in a simple landscape setting on their travels together. It uses a bright colour palette with acrylics to fill in the main shapes and a PVA/acrylic mix for the photos along the bottom, which gives a shiny, translucent effect. It tells a story of their friendship; two happy chappies on a little adventure, the rooster leading the way and the cow clearly not paying attention to his whereabouts.

I aimed for a style that is quirky and easy on the eye. I had a great time working on this piece and I can’t wait to get cracking on the next assignment.

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