Annual Confrence and Winner of the Student of the Year 2010

The college held its annual tutor’s conference in Bristol this year. Most of our tutors were able to attend and there were lively discussions on a variety of topics. The continued development of the website and the increasing popularity of the Student’s Forum were both discussed.

There were almost fifty entries in this year’s Student of the Year Competition and the sixteen shortlisted entries on now on the website. It was very difficult for the tutors to select a winner, but eventually  Pernilla Nehler from Sweden a student  the Portraiture course was selected.  Jolanda Twivey on our Colour Pencils course was runner up and in third place came Lynn Graham. Lynn is a student on the Children’s Book Illustration course.

The winning entries can be seen below  Congratulations to our winners and our thanks and appreciation to everyone who entered.

The London Art College Tutors Choosing the Student of the Year 2010.


The Winner – Pernilla Nehler from Sweden taking the Portraiture Course


Second Place – Jolanda Twivey on the Colour Pencils Course


Runner Up – Lynn Graham on the Children’s Book Illustration Course


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