Debi has just completed the Children’s illustration Diploma course and we are proud to showcase her work along with her story on this blog. I hope that you find it inspiring.

“…..After being diagnosed with restrictive health problems in 2005 i needed to find a focus in my life.
I was watching the wonderful Charles Evans programme one day and he really inspired me to pick up my paints again and have a go, I have no formal art training as such and reneged on a place at Art College in the 70’s in favour of getting a job….i needed to fund getting to my Punk rock gigs somehow!

I have worked as a Detail Painter in the past, painting fine china and plaques, after re-discovering the joy of painting again i decided that that was all the therapy i needed, i have always loved Illustration and would sit for hours from a young age trying to emulate the beautiful, highly detailed illustrations in my Faery story books. I wondered if there might be a Home Study course somewhere on this subject, fired up the computer and found this almost straight away!

I enrolled as soon as i could and with the gentle, encouraging and wonderfully humerous tuition of Jan I could feel my confidence returning, I am nearly at the end of the course now and it has taken me a little longer than some due to my health problems ( and the soiree’s into the Pet Portrait world! thanks Melanie and the members of Pet Portrait forum for their wonderful help when i needed to earn some money to fund art materials! )

My goal at the moment is to finish the course and strive to do the best work I can ( and get the trim marks and bleed right for once!!! not my strongest point! ) then embark on the follow up course and see where I end up, but for the moment im enjoying the journey immensely!…”
Debi aka Moonstone

3 thoughts on “Students Story – Childrens Illustration”

  1. Im really pleased to see Debi’s work here on the college news! Since i first saw her work on the forum ive become a great admirer! Well done Debi and best of luck for the future!

  2. Hi Claire,
    We are a great fan of Debis work and you can also find one of her pieces as a header on the website and her story in the students feedback section. She is a great inspiration to others and we too wish her all the best for her future career.

  3. thank you very much for your lovely comments Claire! its wonderful to get feedback like this, good luck to you on the CI course too, your work is lovely!
    thanks Admin 🙂 xxx

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