Student Wins New Zealand Competition…..

One of our students who passed the pet Portrait Diploma with flying colours is Annie Robinson from New Zealand. She has wasted no time in furthering her career by entering a competition and winning first prize with the painting below. Congratulations Annie – the first of many we hope! This is what Annie said about the competition…..

“……..After finishing  my course in Pet Portraiture  with the college  this year I entered for the first time in a competition the painting below  in a  Shoe firm in Taupo NZ that sponsors up and coming  young and not so young artists. The winners get to have printed in their catalogue their painting along with a cash prize. Their catalogue is wonderful encouragement  as it not only goes around our own country but overseas as well. I was thrilled to be informed that I had won in my category as a first time winner in the novice section. For me to win this prize  is also a win for the College and all the dedication of the tutors to their students. Best wishes Annie Robinson.”


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