Weekend Art Challenge Reflections

Welcome to the results of this weekends art challenge where we set our students the task of creating artwork on the subject of reflections. This is quite a wide subject and could be interpreted in many ways. From reflections in water from a lake, river or even a rainy puddle, to reflections from strong coloured objects onto a shiny table surface. Studnets could even experiment with reflections in a mirror.

Our example on our challenge page was reflections in a glass which is a great subject to draw if you need some inspiration as to what to draw. Fill a glass half full with water, perhaps add some ice and add a metal spoon. This will alter the refraction of the water in the glass and make it more interesting to draw. The subject is pretty endless and you can use your imagination and creativity to come up with your own ideas.

Student Katheryn Olley has very cleverly painted a glass marble on black textured paper. This has enabled Katheryn’s pastels to adhered to the paper well due to the tooth of the paper. The dark choice of colour is also excellent as it has enable Katheryn to describe the varying textures, colours and reflections within the marble with ease. We also love the way Katheryn has depicted the little bubbles that occur in glass marbles too. Overall a superb piece and one Katheryn should be really pleased with.

Glass Marble Oil Pastel on Black mixed media paper
Kathryn Olley

Student Nina Phillips has very cleverly created a painting of her wing mirror on her car with raindrops on. This is super creative as it not only has it got reflections from the mirror, the rain as most probably reflection on the mirrors surface too. Well done Nina for an absolutely superb painting and very clever idea too!

I did a reflection from my wing mirror. It caught the rain as well as the reflection. Children’s paints were used
Nina Phillips

Stay tuned as there will be another art challenge coming tomorrow.

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