Weekend Art Challenge – Dreamy Watercolours

Welcome to our latest weekend art challenge on the subject of Dreamy Watercolours. This task wasn’t as daunting as some of our art challenges have been this year, but it still had it’s own unique set of hurdles. It prompted our students to contemplate not only the style of their watercolour but also the kind of landscape they would choose to convey and the colours they would use. Our students paintings of dreamy watercolours below are truly delightful and we hope you enjoy viewing them.

This week’s featured image is by Ainsley Bloomfield, a London Art College student on our Illustrating Children’s Books Diploma Course. Ainsley’s watercolour was just what we we re looking for and you can see at the full watercolour painting at the bottom of our blog post.

Well done to all of our students who participated in this weeks challenge! Engaging in our weekly challenges is a valuable exercise that can really help your artistic journey. It encourages thinking beyond conventional boundaries, prompting exploration of new subjects and techniques, and unleashes a flow of creativity.

Stay tuned for our upcoming challenge scheduled for tomorrow!

Lisa Norman
I generally like snowy mornings as we are in a very hot place, so captured one in my painting
Latha Bhaduri Prabakar
Shankar N Kashyap
It’s taken from a holiday photo in Harlech, but I haven’t done it justice!!
It’s painted in watercolour and I’ve tried to get the reflection of the clouds in the sea below.
Catherine Thompson
Ainsley Bloomfield

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