Weekend Art Challenge – 5 Minute Sketch Results

Welcome to the results of our latest weekend art challenge where we set our students the task to create a sketch in 5 minutes. They were to time themselves for the challenge and see if they could ‘time manage’ as well as create a sketch they were happy with. It’s not an easy challenge, even though it sounds it!

Some of our students managed to keep within time, a few ended up going over. It’s definitely one to practice. The object of this challenge is to give yourself a time limit to practice your observation skills and style of drawing. By doing these sketches repetitively over the weeks and months in your coffee breaks, we guarantee it will help improve your overall drawing and painting skills along with your creativity too.

Well done to all of our students who contributed this week, we hope you enjoy viewing all the sketches below!

It was surprisingly difficult to sketch in 5 minutes, the time flew by!! For the flowers, I had a little yellow acrylic paint ready on my finger so I could dab it on in the final seconds!!
Catherine Thompson
Kate Tollman

Quick sketch of a chicken with pencil onto watercolour paper from a source stock photo.
Drawing and Painting
This is forsythia drawn from the garden in 5 minutes.
5-minute sketch
I’m working through my pet portrait course and saw the 5 mins sketch in the posts. I was at the computer working on setting up a website for my pet portraits at the time, so the 5 mins sketch was a good reason to have a little break. The break continued afterwards, followed by a nice cup of tea and a walk in the garden.
Here’s my 5 minute sketch
I’d intended to do a 5 minute sketch for the weekend challenge and did one of random things on my worktop. And then got carried away a bit, firstly by inking the pencil sketch and then colouring it, all of which took much longer than 5 minutes. But I thought I’d show it anyway. Meanwhile, it’s back to the actual drawing board…
Weekend challenge, 5 minutes. This might have been a bit more but each one certainly wasn’t as my dog kept moving!!
Dinah Barker
Hello spring, so happy to meet you agai
Nina Kottoor
My five minute fox
Full disclosure, I didn’t keep a close eye on the clock, some of the darker shadows may have gone over time.
Pen with water-based ink wash
Lindsay Napier
9:10 to 9:15 today, Saturday morning. And I thought I could sketch – and colour – a mixed patch of Spring blooms from my patio in FIVE minutes. No way. (But I might start with this effort and spend another five minutes finishing it. Would that count?
Julie Smalley
5 minute challenge. First time using charcoal. My cat Loki
Kathryn Peters Smith
This is supposed to be a pomegranate…. For the 5 minute challenge, though it look a few seconds longer (I added the tape to make it look more interesting!) Emma Miller
A quick sketch and colour of an ironing board using coloured pencils.
Nina Phillips

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