Karen Jones

Welcome to our blogpost showcasing the artwork of London Art College student Karen Jones. Karen recently embarked on her journey with the London Art College’s Pet Portraits Diploma Course.

Our course covers many aspects of learning to draw and paint animals from understanding animal anatomy to accurately represent their features and characteristics. Students learn a range of techniques, from sketching and shading to colour mixing and brushwork, essential for creating lifelike pet portraits.

Students are given time to experiment with different mediums such as pencil, charcoal, pastels, and oils to discover the one that best suits their style and preference. Plus helping them understand the principles of composition to create visually appealing pet portraits.

View Karen’s artwork from the early sections of the Pet Portrait Diploma below. We are very much looking forward to seeing her work in the coming week and watching her develop her skills throughout the course.

The London Art College’s Pet Portraits Diploma Course offers a transformative journey for individuals like Karen, who are passionate about art and animals. Whether you aspire to pursue pet portraiture professionally or simply wish to hone your artistic abilities, this course provides the perfect platform to unleash your creativity and celebrate the beauty of our four-legged companions. Visit our website for more details on how to enroll…

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