David Berkoff

London Art College student David has recently completed the Landscape Painting Diploma Course with a well deserved distinction. His tutor Paul Weaver was absolutely delighted and said…..

David has been a role model student, really applying himself to the studies, working hard and consistently improving, a very rewarding experience for both of us!

The course is designed to help students develop their landscape painting skills, and completion can lead to a distinction for outstanding work. Students receive guidance from experienced tutors like Paul Weaver, who take pride in their students’ progress and achievements. We believe, just like student David here, both student and tutor find the course to be a fulfilling journey, with consistent hard work leading to significant improvements in painting landscapes.

Our course is a great opportunity for those looking to enhance their landscape painting abilities under professional guidance. If any of our readers are thinking about enrolling on our Landscape Painting Diploma Course, we are more than happy to answer any questions you might have. Get in touch at any time.

We hope that you find David’s work as inspirating as we do!

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