Weekend Art Challenge – Steampunk Illustration

Welcome to our most recent weekend art challenge on the theme of Steampunk! Steampunk illustration is a genre of art that combines elements of science fiction, fantasy, and the Victorian era. It often features machinery and technology inspired by steam power of the 19th century. The aesthetic is characterized by a mix of old-world charm and futuristic innovation, often with a distinctly industrial feel.

This wasn’t an easy challenge by any means, however we love testing our students and making them think! Our students have created some amazing and very creative artwork though and you can take a look at them all below.

Our featured image this week is by Kerrie Muir and we love the overlay of cogs and the colours she has used. Well done Kerrie and well done to everyone.

We will have another exciting and challenging challenge tomorrow…. so stay tuned!

7″x 8″ white card, Dip pen & FW acrylic ink (Process Magenta), shaded with Faber-Castell 121& 249 polychromos coloured pencils 
Di Pendragon
This couldn’t have been further from my comfort zone, but it was fun to have a go at it. I noticed that some steampunk drawings use animals and birds as subjects, so I used examples of these as my inspiration.
I think mine is more Heath Robinson than Steampunk
Phil Hatter
I’ve used coloured pencils and oil pastels 
Here is a Steampunk octopus for the challenge…I had to leave Mystery Mouse in the lurch once again as I simply can’t resist anything Steampunk!
Ethne Dian
Trickier to draw than I thought!  This inspired by a miniature clockwork handbuilt wooden automatom; the buckets are loaded with 2p coins, raised to the top and the clock then starts ticking round.  This is in effect a timer.  My immediate thought was “scales of justice”, hence the image!
I found this weekend challenge a challenge. I’ve taken a basic look and used mixed medium: children’s paint, markers and gel pens.
Nina Phillips
Weekend challenge: steampunk. This was a fun one! Pro markers.
Kerrie Muir

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