Weekend Art Challenge – Dystopian City

Welcome to our latest weekend art challenge, where we set our students the task of creating an illustration on how they imagine a Dystopian city would look. Admittedly this was not an easy challenge. Our challenges recently have really stretched our students. They have had to think hard about how to tackle these challenges and we believe they really are helping improve our students thought process and artwork along with the belief in their abilities.

Our students have come up with some amazing paintings and drawings which you can see below. Dystopia is a term often used to describe a society or community that is undesirable or frightening. So our students have created artwork whereby if you placed yourself within the artwork, you truly would be very concerned!! Our students have considered factors such as architecture, environment, and societal structures. Their dystopian city illustrations are filled with towering skyscrapers, abandoned buildings, and desolate landscapes.

Our featured image this week is by Anthony Snell and what an amazing painting and design he has come up with. It is a pastel painting and the colours Anthony has used really allow the piece to roar with heat and fire. We love it and want to officially congratulate Anthony on an excellent piece. Well done! Scroll down to see it in full.

And of course well done to everyone who has taken part, we give you all credit for tacking such a huge and tricky subject. Good for you all, feel proud for taking on this challenge!!

We will have another challenge tomorrow, so stay tuned!

Pro markers and ink. I enjoyed this more than I expected.
Kerrie Muir
I’m teaching myself pen & ink & thought the technique suited the dystopian theme. Canson Kraft paper, technical pen & brown ink with a small amount of shading using  Faber-Castell Polychromos walnut brown 177 
Di Pendragon
Here is my city scape – it is based on a photo I took when in Sorrento, Italy a few years ago.
I used pencil first, then ink, and finally a wash of cold tea!! I’ve tried to use the beam of light to take you up the picture towards the sea in the far distance, the two people are interacting but one of them is definitely trying to stay out of the beam of light!
Catherine Thompson
A pencil drawing of a dystopia cityscape
Nina Phillips
This is ink and pastel, on A3 multimedia paper. It was a totally alien subject and a different style for me, so was a great adventure this weekend!
Anthony Snell

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