Richard Watson

London Art College student Richard Watson has created some excellent studies for the first two sets of artwork for the Pet Portrait Diploma course. Richard’s full head study portrait of the Malinois is particularly good. It shows Richards attention to detail in creating the correct direction of fur and noting the lighting on the subject, as this helps create the three dimensional form and realism.

The study of the Terriers eyes, which you can see as the second image below, is superb. His clever layering technique for the fur helps create depth and variation in tone which ultimately helps to again create the realism required in pet portraiture.

The London Art College Pet Portrait Diploma Course is a comprehensive program designed for artists who aspire to master the art of drawing and painting pets. This course is tutored by Heather Jolliffe and offers an intensive curriculum that covers a wide range of topics, from basic drawing skills to the intricate details of portraying various breeds of dogs, cats, and horses. Head over to our courses page in the navigation above to read about the Pet Portrait Diploma, along with the other courses we offer.

We wish Robert the best of luck for his future sets and look forward to seeing them!

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