Weekend Art Challenge – Fairy Tales

Welcome to this weekend’s art challenge! In this challenge, we will explore the enchanting world of Fairy Tales. Fairy tales have captured our imaginations for centuries, and they offer a wealth of inspiration for creating captivating artworks. Your task is to illustrate a scene or character from a beloved fairy tale, bringing its magic and charm to life..

Select a fairy tale that holds a special place in your heart. It could be a classic like Cinderella, Sleeping Beauty or Little Red Riding Hood. Fairy tale illustrations often possess a whimsical and magical quality so you could use delicate lines, soft colours, and ethereal details. You could even experiment with different colour schemes. Warm colours can create a cosy and inviting feeling, while cool tones can evoke a sense of mystery or enchantment.

f you are creating a full scene, the setting of your fairy tale is important. It could be a castle, enchanted forest, or humble cottage. Which ever you choose, have fun with your artwork and enjoy being creative!! Let your imagination run wild!

The idea of these challenges is to help students improve their skills by drawing, painting and creating regularly.

So try to submit work that you have created specifically for the challenge – or course work you are currently creating for your art course. Sometimes our challenge themes cross over with what students are learning. Our challenges are great practive for your coursework too!

Remember to submit your artwork to us via email if you would like it posted on our blog next week.

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