Weekend Art Challenge – Cats and Kittens

Welcome to our first weekend art challenge of 2024! And what an amazing amount of artwork we have received from our students this week. Who could resist the subject of cats and kittens! We have received some amazing artwork.

Our featured image this week is by student Debbie Davidge and she very cleverly created a wet in wet watercolour of a cat from behind. The colours she has used are superb, the way that she has handled the watercolour – excellent. I am sure you will all agree, well done Debbie for a really beautiful study.

We also wanted to mention Judi’s superb drawing of a scribble kitten below. The ink work really captures the kittens fur beautifully and we adore the big eyes that Judi has created. That really does make us go ‘ahhh’!!

Well done to everyone who has taken part this week and do stay tuned for another challenge coming tomorrow!

Here’s my ‘scribble kitten’ for this week’s weekend challenge. My son kindly bought me a dipping pen for my birthday so it has inspired me to get out my inks.
This is my cat Lucky, in glorious multi colour. I originally drew her as tabby and white, but decided to add more colour!!
Catherine Thompson
Diana Pendragon
Vera Jaouadi
Here is my second cat painting, it is painted using acrylics, and is drawn from my imagination!! I wanted to show the contrast with the cat and the leaves and I like how the green eyes compliment the leaves too!
Catherine Thompson
This is my cat Ernie. I finished him a few weeks ago so sadly he doesn’t really qualify for the challenge but he is an example of how much I have progressed since doing your course. Originally he was on a red blanket but I felt that the colour clashed with his fur so I changed it to make my colours flow better. 
 Julie Martin-Molyneux 
Anne-Marie Watts
Any cat’s mantra: “Demand the best!”
Ethne Dian
Pencil drawing of my cat Thomas who is no longer with us.
Lee Stocker
I’ve tried drawing/painting my tortoiseshell cat, Pebbles
Nina Phillips
Cats and their quirks!
Ethne Dian
Weekend cat challenge, drawn for my 3rd assignment on the coloured pencil course
Trudy Yardy
Millie. Painted in Pastel. Weekend challenge.
Anne Griffin
Here’s another cat picture!
It’s a piece worked on brown paper with dots of felt pen, I’ve tried to get the lion emerging from the paper!
Catherine Thompson
Clifford Herbert
‘I’m Waiting for You’
A very wet into wet watercolour. Kept dabbing different hues into the wet areas and letting them blend, leaving the odd white areas, deliberately.
Debbie Davidge

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