Ithaca Painting Holidays by Tutor Alan Dedman

Ithaca Painting Holidays is an adventurous learning event conceived and run by artists Alan Dedman and Adriana Eyzaguirre. Scheduled to take place on the island of Ithaca in Summer 2024, Ithaca Painting Holidays provides a quality experience of outdoor painting on sun kissed Ithaca, home of Oddysseus.

Adriana Eyzaguirre learned to paint at the Fine Art Academy in Santiago, Chile. She has since settled on Ithaca, facilitating walks and boating excursions around the island, she knows it well. Alan Dedman studied Fine Art (painting) at the Royal Academy Schools in London. He has worked extensively as an educator, including for the London Art College (LAC). Alan wrote the Landscape Painting Diploma course for the LAC; he also runs his own educational enterprises.

Adriana hired Alan as a tutor on a one to one basis, via Zoom. Alan helped Adriana with her artistic development, mentoring her at post-graduate level. Together they conceived of Ithaca Painting Holidays and have since worked to refine a curriculum specifically for landscape and seascape painting on the Greek island of Ithaca.

Together Alan and Adriana make a good team. You can expect a carefully planned itinerary in a fabulous location provided by two inspirational artists. You will be able to grapple with the practicalities of painting ‘en plein air’. Make your visual exploration of Ithaca a memorable event for years to come, recording your artistic interaction with Ionian sunshine and Greek legend.

Abandon Artificial Intelligence (AI), paint your own reality on Ithaca. Soak up sunshine and Homeric vibes; after breath-taking views of this idyllic environment you might relax at a waterside taverna. Learn about Greek civilisation, forbears of the modern World. Swap rain- sodden skies for azure blue of the Ionian isles. Brimful of Homeric myth and legend, Ithaca can be the place for your artistic development and personal growth. Come and meet us there this Summer. See:

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