Weekend Art Challenge – Scary Halloween Jars

Congratulations to all of our students who participated in this weekend’s art challenge! While we understand that this particular challenge might not have been everyone’s cup of tea, it was perfect for those who enjoy crafting, especially those with children or grandchildren. We hope you had a spooktacular time! …. and we LOVE them all!

We trust our readers enjoy perusing the eerie jars our students have created below, and we also hope you all had a fantastic Halloween! Keep an eye out for another exciting challenge coming your way tomorrow.

I’ve used acrylic paint, buttons and raffia. It has the usual Halloween pumpkins and ghosts – but I’ve also given a nod to last week’s challenge with Munch’s “the scream” as it seemed appropriate!!!
Catherine Thompson
I painted this little spooky pot and others with my grandchildren and we had a great time 🙂 We used acrylic paint.
Vera Jaouadi
I am on holiday so unable to make a Halloween jar, but l am attaching a skull l worked on previously as an alternative to Damien Hirst’s priceless diamond encrusted skull! It is now part of the window display for a charity shop where l volunteer.

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