The Big Christmas Challenge

Welcome to our final challenge of the year. This challenge is going to span the whole of December and we are hoping to gather lots of Christmas themed artwork from all of our lovely students, to post on the blog for the whole of December for our Christmas Card Countdown.

So get your paint brushes out… pencils at the ready…. we need you! We have some exciting Christmas themed ideas to spark your imagination below. So explore tips and hints and bring these Christmas ideas to life!

  1. Winter Wonderland: Paint a serene and magical winter landscape with snow-covered trees, a cozy cabin, and a shimmering starry sky.
  2. Santa’s Workshop: Illustrate Santa Claus and his busy elves preparing gifts and toys for children all around the world.
  3. Letters to Santa: Show children writing letters to Santa Claus, full of their Christmas wishes and hopes.
  4. Reindeer Adventure: Paint a scene where Santa’s reindeer take flight to deliver gifts on Christmas Eve.
  5. Santa’s Sleigh Ride: Illustrate Santa Claus riding his sleigh pulled by reindeer across the night sky.
  6. Christmas Pets: Capture the adorable moments of pets getting into the Christmas spirit, perhaps playing with wrapping paper or wearing Santa hats.
  7. The North Pole: Paint a magical scene of the North Pole, Santa’s home, with the workshop and reindeer stables.
  8. Twinkling Lights: Create a painting that focuses on the beauty and glow of Christmas lights and decorations.
  9. Santa’s Map: Illustrate Santa’s map as he plans his route for delivering gifts to children worldwide.
  10. Christmas in the Forest: Paint a cozy scene of woodland creatures celebrating Christmas together.
  11. Decorate a Christmas Tree: draw a christmas tree and decorate it in any way or using any theme.
  12. Winter Landscape: Paint or draw a winter landscape. This can be a real place or a scene from your imagination.
  13. Christmas Story Illustration: Choose your favourite Christmas story and create an illustration to accompany it.
  14. 3D Snowflakes: Create 3D snowflakes using paper and scissors, take photos for us to see.
  15. Design a Christmas Ornament: Design a Christmas ornament and paint the bauble with a unique design.

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