Amelie Schottler

This art-course was a Christmas present because I wanted to get into digital-illustration a bit and looking back now, it seems this was one of the best presents I ever got. Thanks Mom, you’re the best!

In this course I learned more than during all of my school-time in regards of drawing and painting. Monique is an excellent tutor who one can truly take as a role model. The energy and love she puts into every bit of feedback and advise are so inspiring and she can really electrify the student to love the art of drawing and designing as much as she does.

I wish every artist to have an instructor like Monique, but she truly is exceptional and I got so lucky to become her student. She set me off onto a path that lead me out of my comfort-zone into a world of art and experiments and I am so grateful for the push! With Monique as a guide on my side I had the courage to try out new art-styles and face my flaws to work on my deficiencies and now I see how far she has brought me.

All the improvements I owe to her guidance. I will continue on this road of exploring, exercising and educating myself in art to keep growing and improving. So at the end of this most amazing art-course I would like to thank Monique from the bottom of my heart for all the patient tutoring, advice and help I received from her. I owe her so much, not only in regard of my digital illustrating, but also the fact that I can apply all her warm-hearted feedback on my other art-projects as well. She is the absolute supreme in her field, and it was an honour and pleasure to be her student. I will forever treasure my time as student at the LAC as one of learning, inspiration and personal-growth. So what I am actually trying to say:

Thank you, Monique, for everything!


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