Weekend Art Challenge – Bug’s Eye View: Garden Insect Art Challenge

Welcome to our latest weekend art challenge all about garden bugs. Unleash your imagination and try to portray the intricate beauty of the fascinating creatures that inhabit our gardens. From the tiniest ants to the most vibrant beetles, there’s a bug for everyone to celebrate! Think spiders, shield bugs, millipedes, centipedes, caterpillars… pretty much anything that crawls with legs, or buzzes around! Draw, paint or photograph and enjoy!

  1. Theme: The main focus of this challenge is garden insects. Create artwork that prominently features one or more insects commonly found in gardens such as ladybirds, bees, dragonflies, beetles, grasshoppers, or any other fascinating bugs that catch your eye.
  2. Medium: You are free to choose any artistic medium that best suits your style and skills.
  3. Composition: Consider the composition of your artwork and how you can effectively portray the bug as the central subject. Experiment with different angles, perspectives, and settings to capture the essence of a bug’s world within a garden.
  4. Detail and Accuracy: Pay attention to the intricate details of the insects you choose to feature. Study their anatomy, colours, textures, and patterns to ensure accuracy and bring your artwork to life.
  5. Creativity and Originality: Let your imagination run wild! While accuracy is important, feel free to add your personal artistic touch and explore unique interpretations of garden bugs. Experiment with colour schemes, abstract representations, or fantastical elements to make your artwork stand out.

So grab your brushes, pencils, or any other tools you prefer, and dive into the tiny world of garden bugs. Happy creating!

The idea of these challenges is to help students improve their skills by drawing, painting and creating regularly.

So try to submit work that you have created specifically for the challenge – or course work you are currently creating for your art course. Sometimes our challenge themes cross over with what students are learning. Our challenges are great practive for your coursework too!

Remember to submit your artwork to us via email if you would like it posted on our blog next week.

Inspirational Artwork…

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All of the photos we post on our London Art College Weekend Challenges are copyright free. Feel free to use the artwork you produce however you wish. If you would like your artwork posted here on our blog, email it to Melanie at techsupport@londonartcollege.co.uk. If you have any Weekend Challenge requests let us know too! Best of luck and happy drawing and painting!

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