Weekend Art Challenge – Birds

Welcome to our latest weekend art challenge. This one is very easy. Create artwork of a domestic or wild bird. Any style, any medium. You have free reign. We look forward to seeing what you can come up with. The tips below might help you, if you have any questions please email us at any time!

  1. Theme: The central theme of this challenge is birds. Your artwork should focus on capturing the essence of bird life, whether it’s a single bird or a flock in flight, their habitats, or their interactions with the environment.
  2. Medium: Use any medium of your choice. This can include painting, drawing as well as digital art, mixed media or any other innovative technique that helps convey your artistic vision.
  3. Composition: Pay attention to the composition of your artwork. Consider the placement and arrangement of the birds within the frame, the balance of colors and shapes, and how you can create a visually engaging piece.
  4. Accuracy: While artistic interpretation is welcome, try to capture the unique features and characteristics of the bird species you choose to portray.
  5. Creativity: Feel free to explore different styles and techniques to showcase your creativity. You can experiment with abstract representations, realistic renditions, impressionistic approaches, or any other artistic style that resonates with you.

Post your entries on Facebook, or email them to us. Please note if you do post on Facebook we might miss it, so if you really want to see your work here, make sure you email it to us!

All of the photos we post on our London Art College Weekend Challenges are copyright free. Feel free to use the artwork you produce however you wish. If you would like your artwork posted here on our blog, email it to Melanie at techsupport@londonartcollege.co.uk. If you have any Weekend Challenge requests let us know too! Best of luck and happy drawing and painting!

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