Weekend Art Challenge – Hares & Rabbits

Welcome to our latest weekend art challenge all about Hares and Rabbits.

  1. Choose a reference photo or sketch of a hare or rabbit that you find interesting.
  2. Experiment with different materials and techniques to create a detailed drawing or painting of the animal. Consider the pose, expression, and environment of the animal as you work.
  3. You could create a sketchbook page full of rabbit or hare drawings in different poses, illustrate a hare in a specific style like folk art, or a lino print style or design.
  4. Why not paint a series of baby rabbits in a line, or a pet rabbit with all its fluffy fur?
  5. Once you’ve finished your piece, take a step back and evaluate it. What do you like about it? What could you improve? Think about what you’ve learned from the process and how you might apply those skills in future art projects.

The list of tips and hints might be helpful for you below….

  1. Study the anatomy and characteristics of hares and rabbits. Take some time to observe their physical features, such as their long ears, large eyes, and powerful hind legs. Look at photos or videos of hares and rabbits in motion to get a sense of their natural poses and movements.
  2. Experiment with different materials. Depending on your preferences, you may want to use pencils, pens, markers, watercolors, acrylics, or other media. Try out different techniques, such as cross-hatching, stippling, or layering, to create texture and depth.
  3. Consider the setting. Think about where hares and rabbits might live and what kind of environment they would be in. Would they be in a grassy meadow, a forest, or a desert? What other animals might be nearby? Use your imagination to create a rich and detailed scene.
  4. Look to other artists for inspiration. There are many great artists who have depicted hares and rabbits in their work. For example, Albrecht Dürer’s “Young Hare” is a classic watercolor painting that captures the delicate features of a hare. John James Audubon’s “Rabbit” is a detailed lithograph that showcases the intricate patterns of a rabbit’s fur. Beatrix Potter’s beloved children’s books also feature many charming illustrations of rabbits and other animals.

Email your artwork to us for inclusion on the blog next week. We sometimes take challenge posts submitted to our Facebook group to add to the collection, however we may miss some, so if you really want to see your work here, make sure you email it to us!

All of the photos we post on our London Art College Weekend Challenges are copyright free. Feel free to use the artwork you produce however you wish. If you would like your artwork posted here on our blog, email it to Melanie at techsupport@londonartcollege.co.uk. If you have any Weekend Challenge requests let us know too! Best of luck and happy drawing and painting!

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