Weekend Art Challenge – Cardboard

Welcome to our latest weekend art challenge and this weekends challenge is a little different. We all receive plenty of deliveries through the mail of things that you have bought online. Usually they come in form form of a cardboard box or mail pack. Instead of recycling your cardboard…. we would like you to use the cardboard to make a piece of art with it. Think outside the box with this one….!!

Here are a few ideas:

  1. Cardboard Portraits: Find a photo of a person you admire or who inspires you and paint or draw their portrait on cardboard. You can also cut out the shape of the person’s face and use different colours to create a bold and vibrant piece.
  2. Cardboard Collages: Cut out different shapes and textures from the cardboard and glue them onto a larger piece of cardboard to create a unique collage. Experiment with different colours and patterns to create something abstract or representational.
  3. Cardboard Landscapes: Create a landscape scene using cardboard as the base material. Cut out shapes to create trees, hills, and mountains and paint or draw details onto the shapes to create a scene.
  4. Cardboard Sculptures: Use cardboard to create a 3D sculpture. Fold, cut, and glue the cardboard to create different shapes and textures. Think about form and structure as you create the sculpture.
  5. Cardboard Printmaking: Use cardboard to create a printing plate. Cut out shapes or patterns onto the cardboard and then ink the surface before pressing it onto a piece of paper to create a print. Experiment with different colours and textures to create a unique print. Take photos of your cardboard press so we can see that along with the prints themselves.

I hope these ideas help inspire your weekend art challenge!

Email your artwork to us for inclusion on the blog next week. We sometimes take challenge posts submitted to our Facebook group to add to the collection, however we may miss some, so if you really want to see your work here, make sure you email it to us!

We have added some inspiration below for you. Have a look at – Jordan Fretz Amazing artwork!!

Courtney Budd
Bonnie Sailer

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