Weekend Art Challenge – Pigs and Piglets

Welcome to this weeks art challenge all about pigs and piglets. Such a fantastic subject as you could opt for a straight painting or illustration of pigs, or head more towards the cartoon route with Miss Piggy or Winnie the Pooh!

Our featured image is a very happy pig, painted watercolour by student Judi Hunter. Judi said in her email – ‘It’s been a while since I’ve found time to partake in the weekend challenge, but I was determined this week. It has helped me to think creatively for my next assignment.’

We are thrilled that not only did Judi decide to take part in our weekly challenge, but also that it has helped her with her assignments too. Thats what it’s all about – helping the creative juices flow!

We hope that everyone has enjoyed this challenge and taking part this week. We are very much looking forward to seeing what you all come up with for next weeks challenge. A bit of a tricky one… so put your thinking caps on!

We hope that everyone enjoyed this challenge. Stay tuned for a new Weekend Art Challenge posted here tomorrow.

Rosalind: “I spy with my little eye …….”
This is a quick sketch of piglet from Winnie the Pooh in black pen
‘What used to be a piggy bank is more a Gofundme now, I suppose. However, specimens still exist.This one looks shocked at the prospect of any donation though. No nights out for Mum.’
Julie Smalley
please find enclosed my “happy piglet” illustration for this week’s challenge.
It’s a mix of a collage I made a while ago and a photo, and of course my new Gimp brushes.
Vera Jaouadi
Pigs. I couldn’t resist. The one and only, Miss Piggy.
Mixed medium used: oil pastels and children’s paints.
Nina Phillips
Weekend challenge ” the persistent pig” illustrated in watercolour; gel pen and Indian Ink
Jodie Vivienne
Oil on board
Christine Mitchell
Here’s a little sketch/watercolour of a Gloucester Old Spot looking very pleased with himself, basking partly in a bucket.

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