Weekend Art Challenge – Happy Easter

What better challenge to set our students on an Easter weekend was one entitled ‘Happy Easter’. We have received some really lovely artwork this week and we hope that you all enjoy viewing them below.

Our feature image this week is by Christine Mitchell who created an oil painting of two spring lambs. Isnt it wonderful! The composition is excellent, we love the way that Christine has painted the lambs, the lovely spring like colours in the grass with splashes of yellow is superb too! Well done Christine!

Audrey Quinton has added a few of her pieces for the weekend challenge this week and we are very impressed with this illustration below. Especially as it has our name on it! Excellently painted and a really lovely composition with a very cute character.

We hope that you have all enjoyed taking part this week. Thank you to everyone who sent in their artwork for inclusion, we really do appreciate it! Keep up the great work everyone and if students reading this would like to take part but are feeling a bit shy…..no need! We are a friendly group! Email at any time!

We hope that everyone enjoyed this challenge. Stay tuned for a new Weekend Art Challenge posted here tomorrow.

Happy Easter everyone!
Audrey Quinton
An Easter Illustration. ..’ Oh dear, oh dear…a cool-looking Easter Bunny – but unfortunately photo-bombed. Durn wabbits!’
Julie Smalley
(Rosalind)    So where has the chocolate egg gone?
Easter means new life, especially newly hatched from an egg. Pen and ink sketching.
Hilarie Stelfox 
Nina Kottoor
Alfred Reid
Weekend challenge: Easter. A cute Dutch rabbit where I used oil pastels and a googley eye.
Nina Phillips
Happy Easter everyone. This little chappie was an exercise at the start of the Cartooning course – now that takes me back to very happy times!
Audrey Quinton
Audrey Quinton
Sprung has Sprung! Happy Easter
This is oil on board.
Christine Mitchell

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