Weekend Art Challenge – Design a Stamp for the Kings Coronation!

In order to celebrate the King’s Coronation in a few weeks time we thought it would be a great idea to have an art challenge on this theme. Our idea was to design a stamp in commemoration and we have received some really lovely designs. We hope you enjoy viewing them below!

I was inspired by the official designs of the coronation ceremony of King Charles III.
Dr Serafine Christine
Commemorative Coronation Stamp.
Surely a party to crown all parties? ‘And if one can’t over-indulge then… particularly as it’s one’s own.’ 
Note: this is the ‘AFTER-party’! Therefore highly unofficial!’
Julie Smalley
 A crown for our new king. Mixed medium of acrylic & children’s paint, decorative paper and some sparkly sticky stickers.
Nina Phillips
My cartoon version for the King’s coronation. It’s an ink pen drawing which I scanned into Gimp, to correct and color it.
Vera Jaouadi

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