Weekend Art Challenge – Three Colours

Welcome to our weekend art challenge where we set our students the challenge of creating a piece of artwork with only three colours. Some wonderful and very clever pieces of artwork today. Our featured image is by student Christine Mitchell who has submitted this as her first weekend art challenge. Welcome Christine! Her painting is absolutely lovely and our readers can scroll to the bottom of the page to read more about the painting and how it came about.

We also have to mention Maria’s ‘Olive’ painting below. It has been painted superbly, the olives look shiny and three dimensional and the colours are wonderful all fitting beautifully glass jar. We hope that you are all as impressed as we are!

We hope that everyone enjoyed this challenge. Stay tuned for a new Weekend Art Challenge posted here tomorrow.

I draw the the dessert of olive fruits. Love these colours so much.Very glad to join in this topic. 
Maria Ei Zar
Marina Niimeister
I’ve drawn a teddy bear with black,brown and an orangey colour. Not forgetting a bow and googly eyes.
Nina Phillips
Tomasz Jarzebowski 
I used three water-soluble wax pastels including emerald green, orange and purple. 
Its an okapi!!!!! I used blue, orange, and yellow pencil.
I really like okapis and thought it would be cool to bring even more uniqueness to it.
Rebekah Bevan
For this weekend challenge I drew a blackberry with coloured pencils, using blue, purple and green only.
Three colours: orange, black and white.
Watercolor, black artist pen
Rose-Marie Biehlig
Opera rose, naples yellow and indigo
Emma Miller
Latha Bhaduri Prabakar
The Raven and The Sparrow ~ 2023
Justin Robinson
First weekly challenge, three colours
Wondering what to paint, spilt my T, put a bit of towelling underneath my cup and thought, ok this will do!
Used clingfilm for the towelling underneath the cup, didn’t turn out as I’d hoped. 
Christine Mitchell

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