Weekend Art Challenge – Eyes

Welcome to our latest weekend art challenge! We set our students the task this week in creating ‘eyes’ in detail. It could be an eye from any animal or human, they could even draw their own eye if they wanted! Which was indeed what student Karin Bridgitte did below. Its wonderful, with Karin’s excellent observational skills and lovely style of drawing has created an absolutely superb sketchbook study.

Our featured image this week is also an amazing pice of work by Watercolour Diploma Student Nelli Begg. She has painted a cats eye and we love it. So fresh and crisp, the colours are beautiful. Well done Nelli – and well done everyone for taking part this week.

We hope that everyone enjoyed this challenge. Stay tuned for a new Weekend Art Challenge posted here tomorrow.

I drew my own eye and included my glasses so I could see what I was drawing!
Karin Brigitte
Hare’s eye. Coloured pencils on hot press
Teresa Griggs
I drew my cat’s eye, she is a British shorthair and is called Anouk!
Pencils, polychromos pencils and white gouache
Rose-Marie Biehlig
I send my recent watercolour work for this weekend challenge
Maria Ei Zar
I used water colours, metallic water colours, and a little bit of white acrylic paint to bring out the high lights.
I titled it – “open”
Rebekah Bevan
Rachel Shelley
Melissa Lemon
Tomasz Jawski
Maxi SJ
Cat’s eye in watercolour. Really enjoyed this challenge.
Nelli Begg

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