Weekend Art Challenge – Autumn

Welcome to the results of this weekends art challenge. The seasons have definitely changed here in the UK. We have transitioned from a lovely hot summer into a cooler autumn with the leaves beginning to fall. We felt this was a perfect challenge to close the end of September. Students were encouraged to be creative and use any medium they would like, along with any colour pallet so describe what autumn means to them.

Our featured image this week is by student Rosalind Spilling who has painted two falling leaves in Watercolour. Rosalind also painted another leaf which you can see if you scroll down below. Both paintings are superb!

Everyone has submitted beautiful work this week and we hope our students enjoyed the art challenge. We have a very cute one for you coming tomorrow. Keep your eye on our blog to find out more!

This watercolour is more of an imagined autumn at Willie Lott’s Cottage – I will return there when autumn has fully arrived to see how close I am…..
Norman Tharby
Some imaginary autumn leaves made in watercolour pencils and ink.
Autumn (Pencil and gold felt tip)
Katherine Gregor
I love autumn, although at the moment where I live we are just entering into spring! I did this little painting in our Autumn earlier this year.
Georgia Martin
Marina Niimeister
Falling leaves. Watercolour.
Dinah Barker
Autumn for me means hearty autumnal meals, with seasonal squash and pumpkins
Marie Hayes
Eve Warren
The cute bird was found in autumn. Picture done in fineliner pens.
Latha Bhaduri Prabakar
For this weekend’s challenge I’ve used a stencil. I used autumn colours: orange, yellow, red and brown. I coloured the back in a dark blue as to represent the evening’s drawing in. Dry watercolour pencils were used.
Nina Phillips
Emma Miller
Rosalind Spilling

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2 thoughts on “Weekend Art Challenge – Autumn

  1. I have just been looking at the Art work for the Autumn, very imppessed
    with it all.

    Other Pencil Art very good also, sometimes i am wondering if my own Pencil work is easier than paint!!!!
    I will look at the information when it arive’s to me.
    Thank you.

  2. Hi Dorothy,
    We are thrilled to hear you enjoyed looking at the artwork from our Autumn challenge. We have a challenge every week so we hope you have been enjoying those too.
    We look forward to the possibility of seeing some of your work included in the challenges in the coming weeks and months!
    Melanie x

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