Weekend Art Challenge – Card for a Friend

As artists we should all make our friends and family a handmade card from time to time. It’s not only unique and personal to the recipient, but they can frame it and keep it as a memento. It can sometimes be better than a buying a gift!

We thought by setting this as one of our weekend challenges, it would not only encourage students to make some cards, but also make some very happy recipients! We have received some amazing images below, scroll down to take a look.

Student Jo Oules created the card for our featured image today which is wonderful and a lot of fun. Head to the bottom of this page to see it in full. We absolutely love Julie’s card below and what a story behind the card too! So cleverly made – well done Julie.

We hope that everyone enjoyed this challenge. Stay tuned for a new Weekend Art Challenge posted here tomorrow.

Double take!! Was JUST designing a leaving card for my English language homestay. Carefully customised using a cutout style cover. This chestnut-haired, trainer-clad, rap-lovin’ Spanish teen-ager discovered breakfast cereal, came to love narrowboats (the one here waves farewell), and together we learnt the old Beatles number Hello Goodbye. Etc. Intensive fun to collate, but worth it. Long live art.
Julie Smalley
A good friend is a blessing!
Rabia Naseer
I’ve designed my own decoupage card. I’ve built the card up by ink stamping a ship and colouring it in with dry watercolour pencils. I’ve laminated all 4 prints and backed it on a piece of red laminated foil card and used double sided sticky tape on the first print and sticky fixers to mount the our 3 prints.
Nina Phillips
Card for a Friend. State Pension age was increased to 66. No cards in the shops for this ‘special’ birthday so decided to make my own. She actually thought I had bought it, which made me laugh.
Eve Warren
Above and below. The watercolour card says ‘thank you’ for an amazing evening celebrating a wedding anniversary earlier.
Norman Tharby
Card for a friend. Luckily, my friends have a good sense of humour.
Audrey Quinton
Rosalind: Scenario: card for a young person who loves snakes has done well at exams.
Above and Below
This card is for a couple of friends. It says “It’s so nice to see you again soon!”
In French there is a play on words, because “chouette” means both “owl” and “nice”.
(felt tip pen and watercolour)
Vera Jaouadi
Weekend challenge: inspired by you to make this card for my friend’s new grandchild – good way to pass the time out of the heat.
Dinah Barker
Weekend challenge: card making part 2
I did do another card, it’s a collage of a cut out tiger on jungle background paper with sticker flowers
Nina Phillips
weekendchallenge a simple watercolour and ink card for my mum in law who I also consider a freind. She’s in a care home now and while we were sorting through some of her things to sell the house I found a set of old Kodak slides from her honeymoon in the 50’s of the Scilly Iles. She loves the Scilly Iles and often reminisces about holidays she spent there, so I painted her this card from one of the picture on the slides I found. It’s a sunset on St Mary’s but I can’t read the rest of what’s written on that slide but I’m sure she will recognise it. I hope it brings fond memories for her.
Lynne Bagnall
Above and Below – Jo Oules

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