Weekend Art Challenge – Your Work Space

Welcome to our latest art challenge, this was a bit of a different challenge in that we asked our students to draw or take photos of their work areas. It could be created in any format, just as long as we had some insight into where they worked. Take a look at the photos, paintings and drawings below.

We hope that it inspires our students to find their own space and perhaps kit it out for a permanent place to work. Whether it be a corner of a room or a spare bedroom, or conversion of an old garden shed. Clear it out, spruce it up for summer time artwork! Having your own dedicated space is perfect.

We hope that everyone enjoyed this challenge. Stay tuned for a new Weekend Art Challenge posted here tomorrow.

The attached photo is where I paint. The log cabin initially was an office plus library – then it moved towards model railway (grandson, you understand!!) – now it’s where oil and acrylic paintings happen (watercolours usually in kitchen or en plein air) Some paintings are course work, (just beginning the second circular one for the landscape course) some weekend challenge and others…….
Norman Tharby
Your workspace I’ve used pencil and pen.
Vera Jaouadi
My Garden Studio
Rachel Shelley
Here’s my workspace. Very comfy!
Emma Miller
The Design Wall – This is my happy place, playing with textiles, and is usually covered in more than one project. I ice dye or paint my own fabrics, and this one is currently being done for a show next year. It shows the initial stages of hanging it and thinking about the direction it’s going in. The rest of the studio is generally hidden under fabric! On this piece, I’ve cut the main piece into strips on one side, and I’m weaving another fabric through.
Cynthia McNair 
This is a part of my work station. It’s mixed mediums: dry coloured pencils, children’s and acrylic paints
Nina Phillips
My workspace. I am lucky to have a small room that has a big window to the winter garden.
Rose-Marie Biehlig

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