Weekend Art Challenge – National Biscuit Day

Welcome to our new art challenge results for this week and it’s all about biscuits (cookies!) It was National Biscuit day on the 29th of May so our students celebrated by creating a painting or drawing on the theme!

Our feature image this week is by Eve Warren. We love Eve’s cartoons, her cat is quite famous here now. So many amazing paintings. Aggie’s watercolour of tea and biscuits below is super, and Rabia’s clay cookies are very cleverly made. We hope you enjoy viewing them and stay tuned tomorrow for a very special challenge!!

We hope that everyone enjoyed this challenge. Stay tuned for a new Weekend Art Challenge posted here tomorrow.

nothing is better than enjoying afternoon tea with beloved in a sunny day 😎 #weekendchallenge National Biscuit Day
Aggie Choy
I hope you have a good day…Take this cookie just in case…..
Suba Lakshmi
Tea and macaroons anyone?
(Mixed media: pen, watercolor and colored pencils)
Vera Jaouadi 
National Biscuit Day, what a charming idea! I love biscuits, all kinds! Tea and biscuits, I can’t resist 😉 But who says only humans love biscuits? Watercolor, watercolor pens, pencil and black ink.
Rose-Marie Biehlig
Christmas has come early … though never too early for gingerbread men! 
Emma Miller
Made some cookies few days ago, here is how I sketched them. Chocolate chip cookie made with clay. (Below) Very tasty.
Rabia Naseer
Warmly welcoming on their National Day of 29 May… Mixed Biscuits!
Julie Smalley
National Biscuit Day. I’ve chosen a German Lebkuchen ( Gingerbread Cookie) I’ve used plain white paper as a base and built up the background colours using pale yellows, light browns, gold and dark brown dry watercolour coloured pencils. Children’s paint was used for the patterns on the biscuit. A paper gold heart shape in the middle stuck on a green circular piece of card.
Nina Phillips
National Biscuit Day. Quick doodle before breakfast (not biscuits.)
Eve Warren

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