Weekend Art Challenge – Earth Day

Welcome to our weekend challenge set on the theme of Earth Day…. on Earth Day! It was not an easy challenge and it really made our students think outside the box. They all did brilliantly!

Our feature image this week is by student Justin Robinson who painted his Earth Day themed painting on a 5 foot piece of cardboard in mixed media. Isn’t it wonderful! Scroll down to see it in full below.

Another of our favourites this week is the drawing below by Cheryl Day. Very cleverly created and designed, beautifully rendered, especially with the indented moon and stars around the edge. Superb.

Everyone did a fantastic job this week and we hope that you all enjoy the next challenge tomorrow!

We hope that everyone enjoyed this challenge. Stay tuned for a new Weekend Art Challenge posted here tomorrow.

Cheryl Day
This A4 acrylic sketch I’m calling:  ‘Earth Day 2022 – Challenges, Decisions and Consequences’
Norman Tharby
High up in the sub-alpine bogs of the Snowy Mountains of Australia lives the tiny Southern Corroboree Frog. Found only at altitudes above 1300 metres, this species historically has a range of  400 square kilometres. It’s Yellow and Black markings indicate the lethal alkaloids within its skin. Corroboree frogs are able to uniquely produce their own poisonous alkaloid as opposed to via their diet as all others do. The main survival threat of these frogs is thought to be the global transmutation of the  Chytrid Frog Fungus and bushfires. Other threats include development, climate change and pollution. The Critically endangered Southern Corroboree Frog (Pseudophryne corroboree) is a species at the brink of extinction. However due to a dedicated recovery team it still exists, and a large insurance colony has been established.
Victoria Burgess
“Bumblebee and a dandelion”
As a keen gardener, I have been planting every year bee friendly flowers in my garden. Bumblebees are important pollinators of agricultural crops and an essential part of our planet. By growing flowers and allowing dandelions to flourish in our gardens, we can all contribute to conserve the population of bees which has determinism effects in our ecosystem. 
Medium used: Acrylic paint like Watercolour
Liga Kalnina
My Earth Day – Out Of The Darkness Comes Colour and Light
Try out with Black Paper and some Florals attempts. I used Polychromos for this experiment to see which shades will show up on black paper.
Jane Reid
Rosalind Spilling – Coloured Pencil
Julie Smalley
Athena Paterson
Nina Phillips
Something simple for this challenge. I’ve made a world from scraps of off cut paper using blue scraps of paper for the ocean and green scraps for the land. I drew the hands and coloured them in with crayons cupping the world and clouds printed on multicoloured paper.
Tiina Meurman
A Tree and Stones. Multimedia on cardboard 5’5×4’0.
Justin Robinson

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