Weekend Challenge – Shades of Grey

Welcome to the results from our very popular challenge this week Shades of Grey. So many amazing paintings and drawings from our very creative students! Our feature image is shared this week by Bhawna Sinha and Lynne Bagnal, both pieces are absolutely stunning. Scroll down to see the artwork in more detail and read about them too. It was such a difficult choice as there are so many beautiful pieces here. We really hope that you enjoy viewing them all, they are all so inspiring! Well done to everyone who took part!

We hope that everyone enjoyed this challenge. Stay tuned for a new Weekend Art Challenge posted here tomorrow.

I am currently working on my third assignment for the watercolour course, trying to paint a sunset on a river nearby. The Grey challenge has been really useful to help me work on values and see more clearly some aspects of the composition and things I’d like to improve. 
This is a Paynes Grey watercolour featuring a sketch of Norwich Cathedral taken almost from the bank of the River Wensum
Norman Tharby
For this week’s challenge theme of grey I thought  dark grey clouds changing to lighter grey using pencils dark to light with white.
Pauline Burke
Suitable for our current weather: landscape in grey with a bit of
quinacridone gold.
Rose-Marie Biehlig
Kerrie Muir
R. Spilling.  Grey coloured pencils
Shades of grey. Still life “Fallen roses pencil, paper.
Mariya Matviyenko
Here is my weekend challenge: shades of grey. Protea study. Lovely challenge this week.
Kerrie Muir
Weekend Art Challenge – Ink
Hiya Goyal
Going for a bit of atmosphere just using Payne’s Grey for this week’s #WeekendChallenge Really enjoyed the process, although the end result was a little eerie.
Sarah Egerton
Playing with pencil
Melissa Lemon
Weekend Challenge: Shades of grey. The background is a light grey background with speckled dark grey paint( children’s paints were used) The main picture is an abstract image of Sydney Opera House. I used soft pastels in shades of grey.
Sorry if the photo is not overly clear.
Nina Phillips
“Nigel” in polychromos colour pencils on Bristol vellum
Diane Field
Something I have been working on for my brain injury series. It applies to shades of grey. I started it over a year ago, but could only manage a few petals a day. I took the drawing out a few weeks ago and did about a flower a day. I will probably gift this to one of my dr.s who has been an amazing support for me.
Danielle Kantola
Shades of grey. Aww…I wondered what a rain-soaked gnome might look like. Pretty darn grey, as it happens. Fun with Derwent Graphitone water-soluble pencils. Well, more fun than the gnome’s having.
Julie Smalley
So – having posted the awful news about the demise of my robotic cleaner, known to me and Alexa as Eufy, I dusted off the Wacom and did the first bit of digital art since well before Christmas…
Just thought…can this count as Shades of Grey, to reflect the state of my mind??!!
Audrey Quinton
shades of grey ( ink )
Josie Ssl
Shades of grey and also my first exercise for the Pet Portrait course I have just started.
Julie Kemp
Emma Miller
Shades Of Grey Abstract Digital Painting Mountain Ranges
Sally Studley
Dolly Mixture
shades of grey. Good timing while I’m practicing my Chinese brush painting.
Dinah Barker
My weekend challenge “ shades of gray,, I used my favourite colour , water colour. “Time is the more precious resource because you can’t get it back.Every thing related to time.we should respect the time in time “
Bhawna Sinha
My misty woodland walk, painted in acrylic on canvas, rather pleased with it considering I didn’t much like acrylics when I did them as coursework.
Lynne Bagnall
Shades of gray #weekendchallenge one of our other horses Murango… which he’s an all white horse
pencil on watercolor paper
Eric Woller
‘lilac crested roller ‘ reference photo from Gill Merrit.
Gwen Reavley
I drew this picture to depict her mood which is not very good.She is feeling grey…
Latha Bhaduri Prabakar
Gill Barratt
Serena Gausel
Jenny Parry
Deb Rump
Beagle in pastel and pastel pencil on grey pastel mat
Emma Jane Knowles
Denise Witts
Started this morning work in progress charcoal on canvas First time posting
Dave Banks
Black and white cat, image painted digitally with Sketchbook illustration software.
Antonina Popina
A portrait of young me in acrylics
Dylan F Jeskye
Jayne Edwards
Rachel Mary

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