Christine Emery

Student Christine Emery has created three beautiful and exquisite drawings for her 5th assignment on the Botanical Coloured Pencil Course. We hope that you enjoy viewing Christine’s artwork in detail and we are sure her set 6 assignment artwork will be amazing too!

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2 thoughts on “Christine Emery

  1. Christine you have done a fantastic job. Well done. Particularly love the onion family. I admire how you have captured so much detail .
    I am on stage three Botanical Coloured Pencil course and I am really struggling with the coloured pencils. After using graphite I feel I cant get the same degree of definition.


  2. Hi Leslie,
    Why not drop Polly a line, I’m sure she will give you lots of pointers. Also post on our facebook group as students can often give lots of tips too!
    Melanie x

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