Weekend Art Challenge – France

Welcome to our weekend challenge results, this week, all about the country of France. What amazing artwork we have received this week. So many beautiful pieces, we struggled to find our favourite as there were so many we wanted to use! Such a high standard of work. We will be definitely adding some of these to Instagram soon!

Our feature image this week is by student Bhawna Sinha. It is so crisp and sharp, with plenty of lovely colours and movement. We love it. Bhawna said…

Paris is not a city; it is a beautiful world. I went to the Paris in 2018, that was a precious moment of my life. I love Paris.

We have received a number of painting of the theme of the Eifel tower and two superb pieces of Pierot, a french clown. Dinah Barker dressed up as Pierot and had her photo taken as you can see below. Very creative and a wonderful idea! Well done Dinah…and well done to each and every one of you who took part this week.

We hope that everyone enjoyed this challenge. Stay tuned for a new Weekend Art Challenge posted here tomorrow.

This might be stretching the subject but my submission this week is based on Pierot a French clown. I decided to paint my face and got my husband to photograph me. Fun to do and hope you enjoy it.
Dinah Barker
For the challenge of France i chose lavender fields of Provence, I love lavender and think to see whole fields must be amazing. 
Pauline Burke
“ Sailboat at Sunset “
Adventure, freedom and peace! My holiday experience with a view of a sailboat on a calm waters off the coast of an Island.
Acrylics on canvas
Liga Kalnina
This is a watercolour of Joan of Arc’s statue in Orleans in France. I have had the privilege of visiting this Maid from Heaven statue a few times. No need to add this to the bucket list!
Norman Tharby
Just before covid my husband planned an Europe trip surprisingly.
I totally enjoyed and after that covid came.So the trip was very memorable till now.After the trip I drew this out of happiness.
Latha Bhaduri Prabakar
Oil pastel on pastel paper, the Eiffel tower in the rain. I enjoyed using something new to create this.
Lou Addison-Brown
“ Romantic view “ Acrylics on canvas
Drinking café au lait and reading a book while enjoying a romantic view of the Eiffel Tower. An unforgettable Parisian experience.
We could watch her for hours …
Liga Kalnina
View from the Sacre Coeur, Paris
Sharon Williamson
‘France’. Pierrot was a pantomime character famously painted 300 years ago by Rococo artist Jean-Antoine Watteau. But he was a sad clown. Always pining for Columbine. To cheer him up, I thought I’d pair Pierrot with…a French Poodle. More loyal, probably. Un pastiche, non? I used the humble HB with pastels on mixed media artboard.
Julie Smalley
I live in France so was determined to do something for this week’s challenge, but just haven’t had time, unfortunately. This is an old sketch from one of my favourite places in Paris: Place des Vosges.
Jenny Jeffreys
Rosalind Spilling: graphite on 140 gsm multi-media cartridge paper: the paper is made from upcycled disposable cups and is a smooth, white acid-free paper.
France. Louvre Pyramid in Paris
For this challenge I’ve used a mixture of mediums: acrylic gold and silver paint, children’s paint, gold and silver metallic permanent markers and dry watercolour pencils.
Nina Phillips
Paris is not a city; it is a beautiful world. I went to the Paris in 2018, that was a precious moment of my life. I love Paris.
Bhawna Sinha

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