Weekend Art Challenge – Indoor Sports

What an absolutely fantastic idea for a challenge. Thank you to Latha Bhaduri Prabakar for suggesting the theme for us this week – Indoor Sports! Latha has created the artwork below of a hula hoop lady and it’s full of movement and very dynamic – perfect! Thank you Latha!

Our feature image is fantastic too and has been chosen for is comedy and creativity. It is by student Eve Warren. In fact Eve has created two other cartoons with her characterful cat, scroll down to see them. Well done Eve, we love them both!

Well done to everyone who took part this week. Guess what our challenge is tomorrow!! Spooky!!!

We hope that everyone enjoyed this challenge. Stay tuned for a new Weekend Art Challenge posted here tomorrow.

Happy my suggestion was selected this weekend. I drew a quick sketch of Hula hoop as indoor sports.
Latha Bhaduri Prabakar
Rosalind Spilling.  Indoor sports. 
I like table tennis but haven’t played it for years but maybe it’s time to have a go! A pencil drawing of ping pong in action !
Pauline Burke
Weekend Challenge: indoor sports. For this weekend’s challenge I choose a volleyball player. I’ve used children’s paint, gold acrylic paint, dry watercolour pencils, skin tone pencils and a silver metallic pen. It’s backed on green card.
Nina Phillips
Weekend challenge yeh! Finished it… I think!!! Experimented this time with the airbrush tool for cheeks etc and also Method 1 for shadows.
Audrey Quinton
Indoor sports (for cats) Snorkeling.
Eve Warren
My drawing is in pencil and I have called it ‘Fifth position sur la pointe.’
I hope you enjoy reading my story that I wanted to share aswell as my drawing.

For many years I was a professional ballet dancer before hanging up my point shoes and becoming a Pilates instructor so this challenge was right up my street! Thank you LAC.

One question I have always been asked is ‘What are pointe shoes made of?’
Well each dancer throughout their career has their own shoe maker. Each shoe maker looks after many dancers shoes. They mold each shoe with hessian and glue to the specification of each dancer. Its a trust and bond that grows over the years between maker and dancer. Its unique because you never in your entire career meet your shoe maker. They are know only to each dancer as a letter ranging from A to H.

In my day once a dancer had their shoes for the season they would ‘break a pair in’ by hammering and banging them until they made no noise on the stage or in rehearsal. A dancer would also coat them in a cream pan make up so they didn’t shine on stage. You could go through a pair per performance depending on what you were dancing.
My drawing is dedicated to my shoe maker who I knew a ‘G’.
Claire Cross

This Hazel, she is into ice hockey: apart from this I know nothing more about her. This is acrylic on a watercolour background and paper.
Norman Tharby
Eve Warren
Indoor sports (for cats) – fishing.
Eve Warren
 Indoor sports – I’m hoping yoga counts! I love yoga and this is one of my favourite poses
LJ Collingbourne
Indoor Sports
Eve Warren

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