Weekend Art Challenge – Letter H

Welcome to the results of our latest weekend art challenge. This week we asked our students to come up with a piece of art on a subject or object beginning with the letter H.

Our feature image today is by Sarah Hogan who has illustrated her piece using a Wacom tablet and software called GMP. It’s called ‘Hide and Seek’. An incredible achievement, well done Sarah for a beautiful illustration.

We equally love Sally Studley’s Heart Balloons and Kerrie Muir’s Hippopotamus too. There were a number of horses and humming birds and of course Hedgehogs, plenty of things to choose from this month with the letter H. Everyone did a marvellous job as per usual! It wont be long and there will be another letter challenge, however tomorrow is something a little different!

We hope that everyone enjoyed this challenge. Stay tuned for a new Weekend Art Challenge posted here tomorrow.

Letter H for heart shaped balloons Gimp
Sally Studley
hippopotamus close up.
Kerrie Muir
I have drawn a hedgehog for a challenge before once but these are some baby ones Hoglets!  Couldn’t resist!
Pauline Burke
Mrs Kayani 
“Once there were dragons…”
May I present: Hiccup Horrendous Haddock III and his girlfriend Astrid Hofferson, the heroes of the “How to Train your Dragon“- books  and the DreamWorks animated movie. I loved the books and the movie and drew two of my favorite characters with pencil and colored pencils. Amelie
Amelie Schottler
As a fan of History and Hampton Court, I simply had to paint Henry VIII. The painting was created using Gimp and is a pop art triptych version of Hans Holbein the younger’s portrait.
Leonie Schottler
Letter H, here are my favorite animals: free range Hens on vacation on the beach 🙂
Watercolor, watercolor pencils and pencil.
Rose-Marie Biehlig
For the Weekend Challenge I did a HOLIDAY sketch with my favorite HAT and a HOT coffee.
Barbara Simon
Sunset over Lake Huron
We are blessed to live in a part of the world with magnificent sunsets, and it is a joy to visit the Lake at this time of day. Huron is the second largest of the Great Lakes. I used Beam paints which are watercolour and made by an Indigenous business on Manitoulin Island, Ontario. They use all natural products such as tree sap and wild honey.
Cynthia McNair
Hummingbird is acrylic on watercolour backdrop
Norman Tharby
H is for Hare 🐰 watercolour with pen and ink.
Lowri Tolman
H is for hummingbird. It’s a very mixed use of different mediums. I’ve used children’s paints, dry watercolour pencils, paper flowers, metal ornamental pieces, stickers and a google eye. It’s a crazy mixture but it seems to all work together with this collage.
Nina Phillips
Drawing onto orange paper.
Rosalind Spilling, coloured pencils.
Where do I wear my Hearts?
Audrey Quinton
I’m a little bit obsessed with hares. I have done art work of them in very different styles. I used reference photos by Sue Cross.
Susan Zajaczkowska
Angela Dawe
H is for horse
Jackie Ford
H for Hollyhocks. A lovely flower which epitomises summer, lazy days and busy Bees, darting in and out of these flowers.
Debbie Davidge
H – highland cow. Acrylic on canvas
Katalin Zele-Kiss
Weekend challenge H – Highland Cow
Gwen Reavley
H is for Herbal Tea (although it looks more like coffee! 🙈) been playing around with Ohuhu Markers with Polychromos Pencils. I love the texture the pencils give on the markers.
Nina Colva
H is for Heels
Jackie Groves
H is for help as Craft Caro and Co. fly over Greece.
Andi Bettinson
H is for ‘hairy’😂. Well it was either that or holly and decided it was too early for that!
Dinah Barker
Houseplant happiness in a heavenly-blue H, with just a hint of humour. Pen and wash.
Julie Smalley
H is for hungry hedgehog
Eve Warren
Sarah Hogan
Letter H. Hide and Seek. Digital Illustration using a wacom tablet and GIMP

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