Jennifer Parry

I found this still life on Pixabay and thought that it would be a challenge to achieve the texture of the fur , as it was very different to an animal fur. There were also lots of values , shadows and colours within it. I used Prismacolor premier pencils on pastelmat paper, of which I am still very much learning it’s capabilities. I used zest it applied with a brush to under paint. I enjoyed creating this drawing very much , and feel that I have learned a lot more about colours, but I feel that I have still plenty to learn.

This drawing was also done on Pastelmat with Prismacolor, using zest it to under paint and create the blurred background. I chose this as I hadn’t yet created a study with a blurry background before. I am very pleased with the outcome and also using minimal pencil colours. I am especially pleased with the vibrancy of the finished piece. I really enjoyed the whole process of creating this.

I particularly liked this one as the challenges would be perspective, details and creating multiple colours and textures. I did this drawing on a very basic cartridge paper, but in hindsight I feel that it would have been better on a hot pressed watercolour paper. I don’t regret using the cartridge paper though as I feel that you need to experiment with different paper, tools and techniques. I think the paper did really well, until I needed to fix mistakes on the faces. I would have liked them to have been clearer. I used Prismacolor and Polychromos for this drawing. I blended with Zest it and also a colourless blending pencil.

I loved this as soon as I saw it , and he was a pleasure to draw. I drew him on Pastelmat and used Prismacolor pencils. I blended with Zest it and applied it with a brush. Again I saw a challenge with creating this drawing with minimal colours but I think that I have done it okay. I experimented with creating the colours in this a fair bit beforehand and I hope it paid off. I found the robes quite challenging, because of all the different layers and depth of colours involved , but I still enjoyed the whole process of creating the final picture. With all of my studies I started with a graphite sketch using my eyes and looking for areas where I felt I could use as a reference point to guide me.

Overall I have really enjoyed every step of my journey on my course and feel that I have learned and improved immensely. I very much look forward to learning a whole lot more.
Jennifer Parry
Coloured Pencil Course

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