Weekend Art Challenge – Japan!

Welcome to this weeks results of the art challenge we set our students at the weekend. The theme this week was to draw or paint anything on the theme of Japan. We didn’t realise how pretty the artwork would be, such beautiful pastel colours and some lovely painting techniques too.

Our feature image today has been created by student Audrey Quinton who is working with Monique on the new Chibi Character Creation course. The perfect combination – creating Chibi characters for our Japanese art challenge!

Of course there is always another side to every country and Japan is no exception. The picture below has been illustrated by Maya Hatsukano who has first hand experienced. View her pen and ink drawing and read Maya’s text to go along side.

We hope that everyone enjoyed this challenge. Stay tuned for a new Weekend Art Challenge posted here tomorrow.

I love the pretty and yummy sides of Japan as much as most people, but living there for a while I also got to know a very different Tokyo. This illustration shows this other side that tourists rarely get to see.
Maya Hatsukano
Fozia kayani 
This week I have drawn a picture  of Japan in Cherry blossom season. There are so many beautiful scenes of Japan it will be lovely to see all the artwork this week!
Pauline Burke
Japan?………..here is the mountain; water mixable oil sketch. Add to the bucket-list of places to visit?- would be great but cannot see that happening. However, painting it brought me closer than I’ve ever been, so a big Thank You.
This is a stone fox from the Fushimi Inari shrine in Kyoto. I visited in 2016.Lindsey.
Jackie Groves
My “last-minute” weekend challenge, Japan: as I was late, my 9 year old grandson offered to help me and we colored the picture together.
Vera Jaouadi
Japan. Sorry for my late submission. This is my Gimp digital drawing of Pikachu, a super cute character from the popular Japanese game the Pokemons.
Sally Studley
Attempted a Geisha Girl in pencil and coloured pens. Great challenge 
Claire Cross
Rosalind Spilling: coloured pencils.
I am doing the diploma in cartooning, so a kawaii scene seemed perfect.
Andi Bettinson
My weekend challenge “ Japan,, Japan has so many beautiful landmarks and monuments. I choose japan’s pagoda,the floating toril of itsukushima shrine and beautiful Arashiyama Bamboo Grove.
Bhawna Sinha
Traditional dress of Japan.I drew it long back ago because of my fascination towards the dress.
Latha Bhaduri Prabakar
Hope this passes for the weekend challenge as suitability Japanese! I’ve just done it as a card for a friend’s 70th with the number 70 cunningly disguised in the grass!
Dinah Barker
Weekend Challenge. ‘Hiroshige-in-a-hurry’. Huge fan of this Japanese artist, so I wanted to quickly recreate his scene through a circular window (from One Hundred Famous Views of Edo). I’m an even bigger fan of his now!
Julie Smalley
Cherry Blossoms all the way! Tried this quick sketch of the cherished Japanese Sakura flowers.
Afshan Quraishi
Japan Japanese Anemones Flowers Watercolour
Debbie Davidge
Japan Fuji Acrylic on canvas
Katalin Zele-Kiss
I’ve drawn a Japanese dragon. I’ve used coloured pencils to colour and outline the dragon and used chalk pastels for the background. Lots of fun had with mixing and blending the pastels with my fingers.
Nina Phillips
My favourite building in Tokyo… Best seen from Tokyo river…
Asahi beer bubble… Headquarters of Asahi group…. Designed by Philipe Stark…..
Serena Gausel
Indian ink and brush pen on bristol card
Luke Rigby
Indian and acrylic ink
Dawn Stevens
For this challenge I tried to paint in a more expressive way than I usually do. There are mistakes but I am happy with how he came out and he was fun to paint
LJ Collingbourne
Weekend Challenge – Japan = Kawaii – the culture of cuteness SO chibi!!!
I had to add a pet (my first time for a chibi animal) to this one to get it SUPER cute for the weekend!
Audrey Quinton

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