Weekend Art Challenge – Creepy Crawlies!

Welcome to the scariest blog post we have had for a while… read on if you dare! We asked our students this week to create artwork on the theme of Creepy Crawlies. If you scroll down the page, you will be amazed at the vast array of ideas and creativity this week.

Well done to student Lowri Tolman who has been chosen this week as our featured image. We agree… a very creepy crawly!!

Very creepy crawly. Close up portrait of a damsel fly. Water colour with dip pen and ink

Lowri Tolman

We hope that everyone enjoyed this challenge. Stay tuned for a new Weekend Art Challenge posted here tomorrow.

A spooky spider spinning it’s web!  In pastel and pencil with white gel pen.
Pauline Burke
Creepy crawly phidippus regius/Regal jumping spider watercolour painting.
Fozia Kayani
Ladybird using dipping pen and Indian Ink
Genna Marabese
Their first outing plays with point of view and considers the question:
who are the creepy crawlies?
This is the caterpillar of the Cecropia Moth which, when a fully fledged moth, has a wingspan of 7 inches!  He was just so colourful and unusual.
Watercolour painting 7x 10.5 inches.
Cynthia McNair
The watercolour background is based on a photo of a sea-kale that went wrong as a photo but fine as an abstract – then one that creeps and one that crawls were added.
Norman Tharby
Rosalind Spilling: coloured pencils on smooth Bristol Board paper.  Chrolocala Africana Beetle. 
Creepy crawlies centipede.
Lavina Gonsalves
This weekend challenge gave me goosebumps wow…chose to paint a snail as they are less scary when compared to other creepy crawlers.
Shailaja Rathinavel
creepy crawlies ladybird digital drawing gimp
Sally Studley
 RAN – not away from the creepy crawlies but OUT OF TIME!!! I am out playing bridge tomorrow so won’t get to tackle the colour layers but was pleased that I managed to get this far, using a programme which is new to me – Clip Studio Paint.
Audrey Quinton
Very creepy crawly. Close up portrait of a damsel fly. Water colour with dip pen and ink.
Lowri Tolman
Tongued gargoyle of St. Vitus Cathedral Prague. Done on cotton linen canvas paper… Using gouache and black/white charcoal.
Serena Gausel
My weekend challenge “creepy crawlers.
Bhawna Sinha
My nickname is “Katica”, that mean in english ladybug. I like ladybugs so much. It is a coloured pencil drawing.
Katalin Zele-Kiss
My entry into creepy crawly weekend challenge #weekendchallenge
I’d call it an innocent crawly of the deep seas.
Afshan Quraishi
So this was my first ever weekend challenge,and I enjoyed it a’lot!
Sarah Agrawal
Pen and ink creepy Crawley
Here’s my ‘creepy crawlies’ painting for this weekend’s challenge. Not really creepy, I must admit, but I had so much fun while painting it. Pen and coloured pencils.
Véra Jaouadi
Weekend Challenge: using dry coloured pencils and sketching pencils I drew and coloured “Bob the Olympic back swimmer”. I used a swimming pool design piece of card for the background and added leaf sequins for the finishing touch.
Nina Phillips
Creepy Crawlies, done in pen and wash.
More crawly than creepy but I think ladybirds are included? A little watercolour sketch of a ladybird couple chilling on a leaf.
Sarah Egerton
Mel Eyeons
Creepy crawly… little ladybird, water colour with dip pen and ink.
Lowri Tolman
Weekend Challenge. Eek.Too, too scared for this one. Definitely! Hence the absence-note narrative, in coloured pencil and fineliner.
Julie Smalley

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