Weekend Art Challenge – Letter D

Welcome to our weekend art challenge, all centred around the letter D. We challenged our students to draw or paint any subject or object starting with the letter D. We have had some amazing submissions which you can see below. A gentle reminder to students, although we appreciate the creativity and ingenuity of some of the submission titles, some stretched the theme of the alphabet challenge a little. So for instance we haven’t included titles starting with ‘Drawing of a…’ 😉 The subject matter genuinely had to begin with D.

We had a lot of animals beginning with D like dogs, dragons, doves and a dodo along with plenty of dancers and an amazing Dragonfruit by Shailaja Rathinavel. We also had some places and descriptive words too.

Our featured image is by Véra Jaouadi and Vera said – D is for Daisy, symbol of innocence and purity. Painted with watercolour. Scroll down to see the painting in full.

All of the pieces you see below are absolutely wonderful and we love them all! Stay tuned for the next challenge coming along tomorrow. Enjoy and have fun!

Weekend challenge letter D 2: I just used ink for this one. Inspired by children’s alphabet books
Kerrie Muir
Here’s my Dreamy Dove for letter D challenge. I really enjoyeD Drawing it. Pastel on pastelmat.
Mila Zinzen
D for Dancers
Juliana Watterston
For the letter D I have a drawing of donkeys,  inspired by a leaflet I received from a local donkey sanctuary I once visited,  also some daisies as decoration! 
Pauline Burke
My Dragon from Unit 3 Friery Fred. Illustrating Children’s Books Diploma Course.
Ania Lebiedzka
My week-end challenge: D for three little dragons. Watercolor, collage and a lot of glue…
Rose-Marie Biehlig
Here is my contribution to D month. It is “Peggy and the Bee” oil on linen panel. Peggy is a Border Terrier belonging to a friend and who is in the habit of chasing anything that flies. No airborne entomology is safe! She doesn’t always appreciate  that there may be a danger to herself by trying to catch bees or wasps. Fortunately her success rate is poor. She has a tendency to snap at the place in space where the bug has just been, rather than where it is at the moment of her attempt. I tried to capture Peggy looking just beyond the bee to reflect this.
Leonard Mair
Weekend challenge….D for Dragon fruit
Shailaja Rathinavel
D is for 🦤 Dodo, I sold this piece in a charity art auction last week. It’s a Lino cut. I draw directly onto the Lino in this process before I carve the piece. For about 3 weeks now I have been working on drawing the animals from Alice in Wonderland , they have been all suffering in someway mentally from the effects of the last year or so since we have been in the pandemic. The Dodo is not only extinct but also feeling somewhat in visible.
Becky Harpur
Tried to avoid the obvious dog or daffodil and decided to give the dandelion some press coverage, along with experimenting with cross-hatching!
Rosalind Spilling
D for Dog. A friend’s labradoodle. Acrylics on paper.
Dylan F Jeskye
D for daffodil. Acrylic on canvas.
D is for Duck (Mallard Duck)
Watercolour on watercolour paper
Vruti Mistry
D Is for Duck. In this case a female Mallard that I drew in charcoal.
Shellie Sallis
Challenge D is for Dog. Sonny Boy in watercolour and gouache Why? Because I love him.
Jackie Groves
Hope am not so late for my entry on this week’s art challenge. I tried painting Kathak Dancer for the letter D. Kathak is Indian classical dance form.
Madhavi Yelnurkar Chopade
D is for Dinosaur
Lisa Ainslie
D is for Dandelions!!!
Sarah Hogan
D is for Daffodil
Sylvia Malins
D is for dancer
Steven Savill Markie
D is for Disaster? Devastation? Desperation?
Or should we just try to go with the flow…?
Audrey Quinton
Be like a duck . Calm on the surface , but always paddling like the dickens underneath. My weekend challenge “D” for duck.
Bhawna Sinha
A Dapper Duck in a Dicky Bow! Gouache and marker on canvas
Pete Woolgar
A dragon my children have affectionately called Deirdre. Ink and promarkers.
Kerrie Muir
Weekend challenge…. that would be dogs!
Jan Graham
Weekend challenge D for duck
Sam Croyle
‘D’ is for door knocker/handle. Pastel on coloured pastel paper.
Dinah Barker
D is for domestic diva
Audrey Quinton
D is for …Del Boy
Christine Pearson
D for dog
Georgia Pritchard
Weekend challenge D Duck. Watercolour
Anna Jones
The weekend challenge D for me was “Dragon”. I’ve used children’s ready mix paint for the background along with some correction fluid for some of the white pieces. ( to apply the paint I used a cut up scouring sponge, my fingers and a paint brush)The dragon has been out lined and shaded in with water coloured pencils. And a pair of goggly eyes were added for fun.
Nina Phillips
D is for Daisy, symbol of innocence and purity. Painted with watercolour.
Véra Jaouadi
I thought it was about time I posted something a little more in keeping with the cartoon course I’m doing. So here it is, entitled ‘Deranged’
Sarah Egerton
D for Devoke Water in the Lake District, from a photo I took on holiday.
Trying to go for a quicker looser style rather than attempting to replicate the exact details.
Clare O’Neill
D is for Dreams. Stories and images our mind creates while we sleep.
Latha Bhaduri Prabakar
Weekend Challenge ‘D’ is Albrecht Durer.
His ‘Young Hare’ 1502
seems perfect for Easter.
Hope you think so too.
D is for Darmstadt. Urban Sketching of my home town Darmstadt
Maya Hatsukano
D for Delft Pottery Watercolour My intent was to completely draw with the brush and used two colours – French Ultramarine and Black
Debbie Davidge
D is for….demonstration. Local event last summer!
Rita Frost

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