Weekend Art Challenge

Welcome to our weekend challenge results for our theme – Holiday / Vacation! This has evoked some wonderful memories of holidays that students once took – and will of course again soon. We can see that there have been many happy times in many of the pieces below, some are imaginative pieces of where they would like to go on holiday if they could, which we felt was a great idea to portray.

Our featured image this week is by student Sarah Egerton and we loved the vibrancy and array of wonderful colours, it really depicts the loudness, hustle and bustle of New York. Well done Sarah on a lovely painting.

We also want to give a special mention to Serena Gausel below who’s coloured pencil drawing of Venice is stunning!

Everyone has produced some lovely pieces of work this week and we really hope that by creating something new each week of a genre that students wouldn’t normally choose, is helping to broaden their horizons and make them think creatively about the task! Keep up the great work everyone!

Venice…. Always beautiful…. Coloured pencil.
Serena Gausel
My favorite holiday was in Thailand. This is an acrylic painting on canvas.
Katalin Zele-Kiss
Rose-Marie Biehlig

I spent my favourite holidays in June 2019 on the island of Bornholm, a beautiful Danish island in the middle of the Baltic Sea. This island has a fantastic scenery, great white beaches and a lot to explore. Above all, we were interested in the four circular churches, which date back to the 12th century. Two watercolors of photos I have taken, one represents the circular church of Nylars, the other the small town of Svaneke with the Baltic Sea.
Rose-Marie Biehlig

Rose-Marie Biehlig
Here is my acrylic on canvas painting of “Le Clocher, Collioure”. My family have spent many happy holidays in this little town in the south of France (near the Spanish border). It was formerly an anchovy fishing village, but in the past forty years it has become a popular tourist destination. It boasts several historical monuments and has an artistic legacy. Struck by the amazing landscape, sky and natural colours in Collioure, Matisse and Derrain in 1906 developed a style of painting that came to be known as the Fauve movement. It remains a town popular with artists and wine drinkers!. Le Clocher is one of the outstanding landmarks. Formerly a lighthouse it is now part of the church. Beyond the church can be seen the massive summer palace of the Kings of Mallorca. I tried to introduce a hint of Fauvism to the sky and sea.Leonard Mair
I would like to share with you my memories from holiday in Crete. Hot summer day. I hope I can return to this place in the not too distant future.
Ania Lebiedzka
Over recent years family holidays have focused on the Lake District. Included in the itinerary is the Honister Pass. The reason we go is to pause at its iconic stone, take photos and quick sketches. From our base at Fornside Farm Cottages (check website to see why we go!) our slightly extended family enjoys time together in an amazing part of the country – and it’s booked for this year, lack of covid restrictions permitting!
Norman Tharby
This from a favourite place to visit: Delft, home to and resting place of Vermeer.  This is of an original, unique Delft tile, hand-painted by myself, on a visit to the Delftware factory.   The Delft blues are unique and hard to capture exactly but this is as near as I could get it.
Rosalind Spilling, coloured pencils.
At the last minute here comes my contribution for “favourite holiday”. My favourite holidays were in Africa (Namibia and Botswana). A few times – far too rarely – I took out the sketch pad instead of the camera to make very quick sketches. This is one of them.
Barbara Schunk
Our favourite holidays are spent going back in time. The Mediterranean coast is especially appealing. Grimaud castle had a special kind of magic. Its memory lingers with me to this day.
Juliana Watterston
My take on holidays hopefully this summer! While it made my sister inspired to go seaside whenever possible, my husband thought it was a plane I was painting. Well, maybe he is not tired enough to see seaside.
Mila Zinzen
My favourite holiday is Majorca which is first holiday I went on abroad, I loved the colours in the Mediterranean sea and the umbrellas on the beach !
Pauline Burke
The first snow I experienced in my life.It was my trip to switzerland….white and pure…
Latha Bhaduri Prabakar
Hello everyone, my art challenge for this week is not a destination but a game I used to play during my child hood with my neighbourhood friends.
Pittu is a traditional Indian game played between two teams. The game is called Lagori in some places. The game requires a ball and set of stones which can be stacked up to form a small tower. The aim of the game is to be able to break the tower and then rebuild it before getting hit by one of the opponent.
Madhavi Yelnurkar Chopade
Not everyone likes the heat! Memories of holidays in Cornwall, we tended to go in March or September to avoid the crowds and rent a nice house. This is an impression of the moors and wind-blown trees in the far SW.
Collagraph print with additional colour. The printing gives a lot of texture to the foreground, which can’t be seen very well in the photo.
Rita Frost
An abstract multimedia piece which to me evokes memories of summer holidays by the sea.
Chris Rye
childhood memories of many a beach holiday
Lou Addison-Brown
Favourite Holiday. This is a souvenir from a holiday with friends in the southwest of France. I remember beautiful fields of sunflowers as far as the eye can see …
Véra Jaouadi
Weekend challenge: San Remo, Australia- my childhood holiday destination, my late father’s favourite place and the place I always return to when I’m back in Australia. The pelicans are waiting for some fish from the tourists.
Kerrie Muir
Weekend Challenge – Sailing off the Greek Islands – oh for that sense of freedom with the wind in my hair (especially now it’s longer!!). Acrylic on paper.
Dinah Barker
Durdle Door Acrylic on Paper In holidays I always visit my family in India but for short trips this is my and my husband’s favourite place to visit. Miss this place, hoping to visit soon.
Vruti Mistry
I don’t really go on holiday, but if I could chose to go anywhere in the world I would either go to Alaska or somewhere where I could observe wild dolphins, orcas, whales, sharks and other marine life.
This is a mini painting (5 x 5″) in acrylics.
Dylan F Jeskye
I love Norfolk. Been going for over 40 years. Love the whole coastline from Hunstanton up to just past Cromer. The coastal road has not changed at all. Sadly, last time we were there was for a funeral, August 2020. This was from the Promenade walk, along Cromer, the evening following the funeral. A time of reflection.
Debbie Davidge
Venice on my honeymoon
Nicky Pritchard
Leanne Hurrell
Oh to a holiday where I can feel the heat of the sun on my face….CAN NOT WAIT!!
Sarah Hogan
Another favourite holiday destination. We all must be so wanting a holiday, again.
‘Santa Maria della Salute, Venice’
Watercolour 8 x 8 square
Debbie Davidge
For the weekend challenge. Me overlooking Lourdas bay and a hazy Mount Ainos in the distance from Spartia on Kefalonia, our last holiday September 2019 – I miss it so much, such a beautiful island, such kind people and of course the warm sunshine and sparkly crystal clear sea.
Lynne Bagnall
Beginners drawing course weekend challenge. My last holiday abroad was Feb 2020. This is Andermatt in Switzerland. If you would have asked me back then if I could draw this scene, I would have said no way. It’s not perfect but at least I can now say I can draw.
Paula Monaghan
Wouldn’t you love to dive in! Infinity pool in Mombasa, just the place to relax after safari. Ink and coloured pencils.
Judy Feilder
In 2018 I went to Madrid and drew a few statues and a steeple. I used pencils and each sketch took around 20 minutes. I loved Madrid due to the amount of architecture and statues. I hope this counts. Each drawing pencils were used ranging from B to 6B
Nina Phillips
Weekend Challenge. Amsterdam in April for me… and how I miss it. Buildings, boats, bikes. It’s beautiful there. All done in an inky wash, which is pretty much like their canals anyway.
Julie Smalley
I did this self portrait recently as part of the portrait course – from a photo taken at a vineyard in Napa valley, California, most definitely one of my favourite holiday destinations.
Lindsay Napier
New York sticks out as one of our top holidays with my children for the excitement, the bustle, the larger than life characters and of course the dragons roaming around under the streets, smoke billowing from every grill in the floor. The five members of my family are also hidden within. This kept me busy most of the weekend!
Sarah Egerton

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