Weekend Art Challenge – Under The Sea

Welcome to our latest weekend art challenge – Under the sea. What a colourful challenge this has turned out to be. We absolutely love all of the artwork created this weekend, so much work has gone into them,, everyone should be so proud of their achievements.

We love the watercolour by Cheryl Day that we have used as our feature image this week. Such a delicate painting and dynamic composition! Scroll to the bottom of the page to see the painting in full.

Leonards acrylic on canvas is also incredible, which you can see below. Scroll to read about the painting and how he took his own photo as reference!

We also love the abstract pieces that we have received this week too including the very colourful fish design by Madhavi. Excellent work and as some of the students noted in our Facebook group, it could indeed be printed on a card or poster!

A final shout outs to Pauline who painted her under the sea scene through a porthole and to Nina who made the most incredible and sparkly collage!

All of our students have done a marvellous job and we hope that you enjoy viewing all of the pieces below. Keep up the amazing work everyone!!

Here is my image for the weekend underwater challenge. It is a marble trout swimming over limestone rocks. It is based on a photo I took with an underwater camera in Slovenia when on a fly fishing holiday a few years ago. Acrylic on canvas. It tastes as good as it looks!
An abstract painting of colorful fishes with textures, done with oil pastels.
Madhavi Yelnurkar Chopade
I have painted in inks “through a porthole” under the sea. . .
I’ve gone a bit over the top with the under the water challenge.
The background is tracing paper coloured over with watercolour pencils then water was added. Once stuck down I added the hand drawn and coloured in drawings of the jellyfish, mermaid, plants, turtle and anchor. Once stuck down I couldn’t resist a bit of fun and decoration. Coloured thread, goggly eyes, coloured sequins and shells.
Nina Phillips
“Under the Sea”
Rosalind Spilling. 
Seahorse by Sally
“Under the Sea”
Rosalind Spilling. 
An underwater watercolour supposedly not too far from last week’s challenge….
Norman Tharby
My week-end challenge with watercolor and the pleasure of blue,
turquoise and green color.
Rose-Marie Biehlig
Here comes “Waiting for the Fish”, my contribution to the Weekend challenge “under the sea.
Barbara Schunk
My underwater world is painted in watercolours with a touch of coloured pencils. It was a real pleasure doing this challenge. It gives you some freedom to imagine it.
Mila Zinzen
The deep dark ocean , dare a diver trespass on a world that is not indigenous to humans ?
Becky Harpur
Weekend Challenge ‘Under the Sea’ – Seahorse…. such a beautiful little fish. I have drawn this using a 0.3 uni-ball pen, stippling to get details and had fun colouring it with FB Polychromos pencils.
Suzanne Prytherch
Weekend challenge. Red Sea Lionfish. Pastel on board.
Dinah Barker
Weekend Challenge..under water. Acrylic abstract on canvas
Jackie Groves
Weekend Challenge-ed. Looked for life under the sea. Couldn’t find any. Even sent a sub. Still nothing. Enjoying everyone else’s marine scenes though.
Julie Smalley
‘King of my World!’
Turtle made with watercolour 
Shiven Sidharth
I wanted to draw attention to the plastic pollution of the seas and oceans all ower the world. 
Anna-Liisa Tanskanen
Under the sea. Dancing Jelly Fish. Acrylic on paper
Vruti Mistry
Under the sea … Faber-Castell polychromos, Derwent coloursoft, Clairefontaine pastelmat
Time taken around 8 hours.
Michaela Sommerfield
Judy Feilder
My water colour painting for “weekend challenge “ under the sea.
Bhawna Sinha 

Here is my contribution to this week-end’s challenge, a sea lion.
Véra Jaouadi
PanPastels and Pastel pencils on Pastelmat Clairefontaine paper. I used one of the photos provided by the College.
Marie Désy-Field
Iam eager to go underwater to see the colourful world underneath.quiet and calm inside with lot of life inside the sea.
Latha Bhaduri Prabakar
Here are my seashells (acrylic on mixed media paper A4) I was just practicing from various shells collected at the beach rather than making a specific picture.
Lynn Lock
bears I am posting this submission for Assignment 3 of the Illustrating Children’s Books.
The seal is under the ice so I suppose it also fits the challenge.
Ruth Bowman
Meet ‘Orkney Sam’ for this weekend challenge ‘Under the sea’, he was inspired by a piece of driftwood my friend found washed up on the beach near her home in Orkney, he’s a magical, mystical sea creature from my imagination, in watercolour and watercolour pencils.
Lynne Bagnall
Under water weekend challenge. Watercolour. A bit weird but Lady is under water. Tried different technique.
Anna Jones
Sam Croyle
Before Covid I played bridge at Thorpe Bay and this picture was to illustrate the lengths to which we would go to get a game. Sadly, nowadays the only option is to play on-line!
Audrey Quinton
Lou Addison-Brown
I painted a sea horse for this week’s under the sea challenge with watercolour , watercolour pencil’s and ink pen. I used salt for texture on the background. I wanted to paint the sea horse because I think they are lovely creatures and they make me smile.
Niamh Eldridge Barry
Acrylic & gouache on canvas.
Pete Woolgar
I did this from a mermaid tutorial, using acrylic inks and markers. I ended up going my own way, intuitively, and somehow I had painted tiny, white fish. I also placed the little Pisces sign (My own astrological sign) on her forehead.
Maria Moon
For the weekend challenge…. recently I painted this on wall!
Shailaja Rathinavel
Weekend challenge…under the sea!
Sarah Hogan
Under the sea. I created this using watercolour, tattoo ink and pencils.
Cheryl Day

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