Weekend Art Challenge – Letter C

Welcome to our weekend challenge results from the Alphabet Letter C Challenge. What a challenge! We have received a phenomenal amount of pieces of artwork and we really hope that you enjoy viewing them all below.

Our feature images this week is an oil painting by Leonard, who painted a selection of chestnuts which he picked up on a walk last autumn. The painting is called – “Going, going, going, going Gone!”. Read more about his painting and see it in detail at the bottom of our post.

Leonard wasn’t the only oil painter this week as among many beautiful paintings, Lisa Elm painted some fantastic chillies and Gelise painted the most expressive cloud painting. Superb.

There are so many wonderful ideas here including Mila’s ‘Coffee Cat’ painted in coffee and Sarah’s wonderful illustration using coffee as hair. Also an amazing painting by Latha who has depicted everything beginning with the letter C that you could have on a breakfast table. Ingenuous. View it below.

Overall this challenge couldn’t have been any better. We have a new challenge tomorrow, so stay tuned one and all!

A scrumptious breakfast: cup of tea, chocolate cookies, croissant, chocolate crepe roll, cranberry jam, cubed sugar, cup cake with cream cheese, coffee, cool drink, cherries, canned strawberries and of course coasters, chair, clouds…..
Latha Bhaduri Prabakar
This is my Coffee Cat! Painted with coffee and a bit Crazy!
Mila Zinzen
Clouds – oil on canvas
Gelise McCullough
I caught some crazy chickens while crossing my desk.
Barbara Schunk
Here’s my weekend Alphabet Art Challenge, a Cowboy!  
Rachel Shelley
Here is my Challenge C for Cat! Dad is watching!! 
Rosalind Spilling: coloured pencils.
I love to draw camels because of their expressive faces and beautiful eyes! This was done in watercolor pencil.
Susie Teramura
C is for chillies!
Lisa Elms
I have painted a Celebration of Colour.
Pauline Burke
‘C’ is for Courbet.
His ‘Desperation’ found fame.
Pastiched by me,
‘cos I’ve sometimes felt the same.
(After Gustave Courbet ‘ Le Desespere’ 1843-45)
Julie Smalley
Watercolour:   Crocuses ‘Mondrian-esque’
Norman Tharby
I’ll call this painting Cupboard Companions! It’s in water colour. We visited a friend (pre lockdown), she was dismantling her kitchen, my little boy and her son found an exciting hiding place! 
Melissa De-Vall 
My week-end challenge: C like cat. My own cat is a female bristish
shorthair, called Thalie. But she ‘s not going fishing 🙂
Rose-Marie Biehlig
I had started this cat picture from a photo, when letter C popped up, so tonight I completed Belle. I used pencil crayons and a 6B.  
Lindsey Repton
C for Citrus! 
Watercolour on paper by Shiven Sidharth
Clifford Herbert
Weekend challenge – C for carnations.
Iryna Labunska
Experimenting with a loose watercolour style – C for cat
Jenny Jeffreys
C for countryside
Judy Feilder
A Colourful Cockerel!
I drew this using a 0.2 uni-ball pen and coloured it using FC Polychromos pencils. I’m really enjoying these challenges to motivate me to draw and improve my technique.
Suzanne Prytherch
My water colour painting, “canoe”for” weekend challenge” C.
Bhawna Sinha
C, for Crocus|
Véra Jaouadi
C is for Children, in this case my Grandchildren, painted from my own photo taken at the local garden centre where there was an owl visiting for the day.
Jackie Groves
is feeling distinctly middle-aged today – so, C is for Crow’s Feet. I much prefer the German name for them: Lachfalten. Laughing wrinkles.
Annette Pfifferling Marti
Ripley (my cat) on 24x30cm pastelmat using pastel pencils and pan pastels.
Patricia Elliott
Something for the challenge. C for Cavalier. Couldn’t resist this little cutie….
Pastel pencils on Pastelmat
Dorothy Robinson
C is for Cudddle /carry. I have drawn and created this on the iPad as part of my personal project all about hugs as it is a something we can’t do right now and something I miss. I have made this into a card for Mother’s Day this Sunday as you can see on the second photo, with an accompanying poem written by a dear friend.
Charlotte Draper
C is also for Coffee (of course)
Sarah Hogan
C is for Covid hair…….I miss the hairdressers!!
Sarah Hogan
Audrey Quinton
C challenge Chewy
Sian Perry
C for clown weekend challenge
Khadiga Kadry
C …Cockatoo. Strathmore Bristol Vellum … polychromos and Caran D’ache colour pencils.
Diane Field
Weekend challenge C is for Crawford as a puppy He is now a Canine Partner dog looking supporting a person with a disability and a valued friend too.
Gwen Reavley
C for Chris a birthday card for my Mother in law
Tina Brown
Audrey Quinton
C for Chicken, in acrylics.
Dylan F Jeske
A miniature car for my first weekend challenge. I have just signed up for the coloured pencil course. Not done any art since I was at school and clearly have a long way to go.
Clare O’Neill
C for Celtic Art and Celtic Spirituality –
The Power of 3 at the centre is the Triksele representing Mind Body Spirit – surrounded by three Celtic Knots representing eternal spiritual life and being (completed a few months ago for a different project)
Liz Collins
coloured pencil of old playing cards
Lou Addison-Brown
C is for cactus … Derwent inktense pencils
Gill Barratt
Weekend challenge in coloured pencil
Rachel Pesterfield
C for cactus. Watercolour.
Marie Désy-Field
C is for Clevedon Pier
Ruth Allinson
C is for Courage.
Portrait of Muhammad Ali
Justin Robinson
C is for – Cottage. Simple watercolour.
Dave Smedley
Waiting for spring and beautiful cherry blossom to make world look more beautiful 😍
Here is my weekend art challenge Cherry blossom based on latter C, did in watercolors on paper.
Madhavi Yelnurkar Chopade
C for “Cat’s Eyes”
Carole Busby
For this weeks challenge ‘C’ I’ve made a rocking card with a piece of chocolate cake a cherry on the top and a few in the middle. The whole cake is drawn with coloured pencils.
The cherry and fork are drawn on tracing paper. The cherry is a mixture of red and pink and the fork is a mixture of greys, blues and silver. I’ve used sequins for the cherries and ivory pieces for the icing.
Nina Phillips
C is for chickens. Pastel on pastelmat.
Dinah Barker
C for cross oil on canvas 18 x 24
C for cattle
Hydie Tan
I did this painting last year in lockdown and fits for this challenge 😊
Acrylic on Stretched Canvas
Vruti Mistry
For the ‘C’ theme this weekend. This is a watercolour I did previously – my take on Catherine Parr, Henry VIII’s last Queen. So I’ve called the painting, ‘Survived’ as she outlived him. I painted in her signature which she spelt as ‘Kateryn’, a bit different to how we write the name nowadays. Hope you enjoy!
Sally Watson
C for Cow
Camel…… I did for my assignment piece (animal)…coloured pencil…. I chose camels. They always make u laugh…
Serena Gausel
Here is my little oil painting of a Collection of Chestnuts that I called “Going, going, going, going Gone!”. Living in a rural environment in central Scotland, we have an abundance of trees of many varieties nearby. It is part of the wonderful natural cycle of things to see them explode into life  in the spring and then fade gracefully in the autumn. These were chestnuts I picked up on a walk last autumn and while we were still able to roam free!

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