Weekend Art Challenge – Purple & Yellow!

Welcome to the results of this weekends art challenge where the theme was to paint or create artwork on the theme of Purple and Yellow. We have received some amazing pieces of artwork this week and such happy spring like paintings too. Numerous beautiful flowers including crocus, iris, snowdrops and pansies, plus the lovely illustration below by Sarah Hogan with the daffodil hat.

Our featured image is shared this week by two students Liz Collins and Jenny Jeffreys. Jenny has been experimenting with Adobe Fresco and her Jelly fish painting is superb! The oil painting Liz has created is absolutely stunning, such a solid and three dimensional pear painted with lots of texture, light and shade.

We have also had a number of portraits painted this week too, including a couple of rock stars! scroll down to find them!

We love every single painting that has been created this week. Having read some of the comments, it seems collectively students are loving the fact that they can create something a bit different for our weekend challenges. It’s great for them to be a little more relaxed about what they paint or draw, whilst experimenting and learning at the same time. This is all wonderful to hear – keep up the amazing work everyone!!!

Yellow and purple weekend challenge! “Little girl in flower hat” love mixing spring flowers with little doodles !!
Sarah Hogan
I feel pleased with finishing my first Assignment and the LAC have been very reassuring in the fact that my work has been received. Not being all that tecchie with some unknowns but I need not have worried, as it was all so straightforward. Thank you, LAC. Another Yellow and Purple painting (Watercolour) for the Challenge but have to say I did this over Christmas. Hope you all enjoy.
Debbie Davidge
colour challenge yellow & Purple – Creature Portrait. Digital illustration using GIMP. Finding the transition to drawing digitally a challenge but it gets better every day.
Dave Smedley
Weekend challenge yellow and purple: some pansy flowers from my garden.
Véra Jaouadi
 I used Derwent and Faber-Castell watercolour pencils and some gouache. From a photo provided by the London Art College.
Marie Désy-Field
Purple and yellow – rock n roll! This was meant to be Jimi Hendrix but my portrait skills are wanting, possibly Brian May? Used inks and loved splashing those around.
Debbie Knight
Those exquisite Russian Imperial Eggs…ah. Couldn’t resist a nod to Fabergé, and nicely in time for Easter. Yellow and purple only. What a luxurious challenge.
Julie Smalley
Lindsey Repton
The Colour Challenge ‘Yellow and Purple’ – Crocus, one of the first signs of Spring.
Suzanne Prytherch
Here comes my contribution for the weekend challenge. I loved the occasion to paint something which is normally not yellow and purple. 
I loved the picture you posted of the lavender field and decided to copy this. I used acrylic the colours work so well together. 
Melissa De-Vall 
I’m still on inks with my drawing course but I tried some coloured pencils to meet the yellow and purple challenge. Primroses from my garden.
Judy Feilder
This is a watercolour and pencil plan entitled ‘Eight Chain Thru Formation’ – it’s part of a square dance that I’m quite sure is easier to dance than to describe!
For the weekend challenge… yellow butterfly acrylic painting.
Shailaja Rathinavel
Purple Gallinule. This bird is nature’s yellow and purple combination.
Latha Bhaduri Prabakar
“Meet Collin and his Magic Colour Book!”
Beate Badenhorst
My acrylic painting with purple and yellow combination for” weekend colour challenge “( purple and yellow).
Bhawna Sinha
This turned out 100% different to what I had in mind when I started, but I had so much fun with red, yellow and black and white acrylics using brushes, pallet knives, tissue paper, stencils and spray paint. I love to just let loose, experiment, have fun and see where it takes me. It’s a relaxing change from creating more realistic and traditional artwork.
Dylan F Jeskye
Continuing with my portrait theme , this is an acrylic portrait in yellow and purple , unfortunately this combination made more of a dark brown. But an interesting result
Sheila Brown
I have done in pastel and pencil the Iris from the blog on yellow pastel paper for the challenge this week.
Pauline Burke
Rosalind Spilling; coloured pencils; double helleborus.
Audrey Quinton
I know… When you think of yellow and purple – normally you don’t think about cats😂 But this is how my impressions work when I take yellow and purple pastels in my hand… I couldn’t stop this fashionista of a cat emerging
Mila Zinzen
“Colour Challenge yellow & purple”. Sun rise in harbour watercolour.
Anna Jones
For this picture I’ve used a mixture of ready mixed paint. I created the purple background by using different shades of red and blue. I cut out a circle for the moon. It was coloured in with ready mixed paints and watercolour pencils. To create different textures I used bubble wrap, finger painting and paint brushes. I had fun creating and drawing this picture.
Nina Phillips
yellow and purple. Approaching danger. Acrylics
Dinah Barker
Iris, Watercolour (Colour Challenge Purple and Yellow)
Debbie Davidge
Oil, purple and yellow
Gelise McCullough
Bumble Bee using Brusho Crystals (Violet, Gamboge and Lemon yellow) black gel pen
Jackie Groves
Yellow and.purple colour challenge.
Christine Borrows
Little bit more purple than yellow! First attempt at a flower….
Vic Pyne
Portrait of a friend – TemPaul – 2021 Soft Pastel on paper
Justin Robinson
My entry for this week’s art challenge, yellow and purple. We don’t value Green until it’s Yellow. Save water save earth.
Madhavi Yelnurkar Chopade
This is my first post on here. My weekend challenge is a small landscape in chalk pastels. I enjoyed exploring light and shadow with colours I wouldn’t normally choose.
Kerrie Muir
Audrey Quinton
Weekend art challenge with yellow and purple fish painted with gouache.
Niamh Eldridge Barry
I have just downloaded Adobe Fresco onto my iPad and am having lots of fun applying the purple and yellow theme to their tutorials. I love the way you can use watercolour brushes and not have to start all over again when you make a mistake!
Jenny Jeffreys
Liz Collins

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