Victor Ambrus

Sadly the well known and much loved illustrator Victor Ambrus passed away recently at the age of 85. Victor was a Hungarian-born British illustrator of history, folk tales, and animal story books. He was also well known for his appearances on the TV series Time Team, on which he visualised how sites under excavation may have once looked. The short clip below shows Victor at work on the Time Team and in particular interest to students, his watercolour and pen techniques can be seen up close.

Over the course of his role in the Time Team, Victor may have produced over 2,000 drawings for the show, his prolific and rapid sketches and full scene paintings and illustrations were phenomenal.

The South Cadbury Shield illustration by Victor Ambrus in a burial scene, where as part of a ritual it has been placed faced down over the burial ahead of being physically broken. From Drawing Somerset’s Past, The History Press, 2018. Illustration: Victor Ambrus
Victor Ambrus temple reconstruction
By G de la Bedoyere (Bedoyere at English Wikipedia)

Over the course of his life he had a long career in illustration, not just for the time Team, but he illustrated a plethora of books for children and adults alike. You can read more about Victor on this blog which delves into his amazing career as an artist. Victor Ambrus, illustrator, born 19 August 1935 – 10 February 2021.

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