Weekend Art Challenge – Red & Black

Welcome to our weekend art challenge which was based on the theme of the colours Red and Black. We set the students the task to try to create artwork only using the colours red and black. There can be other minor colours involved, for instance the background paper or varying colours where needed, however predominantly the challenge colours needed to prevail.

Dave Smedly is our star pupil this week for our feature image with his digital watercolour of a butterfly. It’s beautiful Dave and we love it. Scroll to the bottom of the page to see this in its full form.

We also love Mila’s shoes in pastel which you can see below. Such wonderful textures and shine on the shoes along with solidity and great structure within the drawing. Absolutely superb Mila! We had quite a few shoes and boots painted, they were all stunning.

We also timed this challenge right for the Mars rover landing and we have received a fantastic painting of “Perseverance’ on Mars by Julie Smalley. Julie said that it has found the perfect parking spot… let’s hope there are no parking tickets issued!

All of the piece of artwork submitted are absolutely superb. Well done to everyone who took part and gave their time to create something new this weekend.

Stay tuned for a new challenge on it’s way tomorrow….!

“Red & black” shoes! Pastel on red paper.
Mila Zinzen
Black, bold and bristling with hi-tech gizmos, Perseverance finds the perfect parking spot on the Red Planet.
Julie Smalley
Valentine Roses, GIMP drawing by Sally.
Tulip which shows emotions and refer to black tulips which symbolized power and strength. Polichromos crayons on paper.
Ania Lebiedzka
I thought ladybird for the challenge with its red and black colouring, for this week seeing them now in the garden!
Pauline Burke
Red and black challenge. A bare tree for me is a sign of loss. The roots are deep which represents being strong and grounded. There is always hope your if your grounded. The tree will produce leaves again in time.
Becky Harpur
“C’mon you, this is not the time to be hanging around”
Norman Tharby
Coloured pencils.  My Argentine Tango dance shoes.
Rosalind Spilling
I used watercolour pencils for the whole of this picture. The beads of the necklace are left dry, both the box and background were given the watercolour effect and once dry I tried to add a bit of texture.
Nina Phillips
This is a red 4×4 travelling through desert lands – so much adventure, so much action, so much fun!
Red and black. Done in pastel (PanPastel and pencils on Pastelmat paper.
Marie Désy-Field
Red and Black! I immediately thought of drawing a ladybird and tried using a stippling effect to create shading that I learned on the botanical drawing course. The ladybird is drawn using a 0.3 uni-ball pen and pale geranium lake FC Polychromos pencil
Suzanne Prytherch
Justin Robinson
painting of black women in red dress.
Shailaja Rathinavel
“Red and Black “A rockstar singing and playing beautiful red guitar.used acrylic colour
Bhawna Sinha
Red Poppies on Black background
Acrylic on Paperboard
Vruti Mistry
Red and Black! Is it possible to not love Michelle Pfeiffer as catwoman?
Tiina Meurman
Perseverance with Mars acrylic on card
Lynn Lock
I love venturing into abstract art and I create original mini paintings mounted as greeting cards. Here is one in black and red.
Dylan F Jeskye
Audrey Quinton
Christine Pearson
Weekend challenge Red & Black .
Jackie Groves
Audrey Quinton
Weekend challenge – inspired by Schiele
Gelise McCullough
My drawing of Koi fish drawn with pen and watercolour pencils
Niamh Barry
Enjoyed doing this one as I was able to paint my favourite wrestler! 
Here is “Kane”…gouache and sharpie on canvas.
Red & black theme.
Pete Woolgar
Red/black….. Quick little mixed media…. Pencil charcoal pen.
Serena Gausel
Red and black weekend challenge. Little digital sketch on my wacom using GIMP
Sarah Hogan
Weekend colour challenge Red & Black; here is my contribution to this weekend’s colour challenge, I’ve called it “the Appointment”
Véra Jaouadi
I love the contrast of these two colours
Lou Addison-Brown
I have stayed as much as possible within the red and black. Mothers embrace.
Charlotte Draper
Red and Black colour reminded me of old fairy tale Little Red Riding hood.This story relates to the sexually abused innocent kids in this present world.
Latha Bhaduri Prabakar
A bit of digital fun. “Butterfly Abstract”
Dave Smedley

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