Alphabet Challenge Letter A

Welcome to the results of the first weekend challenge of the year! We set our students a challenge of creating a piece of artwork starting with the letter A. It could have been on any topic or subject as long as it started with A. We have had a number of different objects like apples, avocados, asparagus, aeroplanes and Arks!

Astronauts was popular along with animals, arachnids and words like Angry and Anxiety too. There were so many ingenious and creative paintings and drawings, including a fantastic one by Sarah Hogan that you need to look out for! We hope you enjoy viewing them and we also hope that you have all enjoyed taking part.

Stay tuned as another challenge will be along tomorrow…!

I love the idea of the alphabet challenge. So here is my “A” for “angry”. It is a pencil sketch, the colours are added afterwards with procreate.
Barbara Shunk
Attached is a watercolour painting based on letter A. This is from a photo taken during a brief walk about break on the way home from a few days in Scotland. It is at Berwick-on-Tweed, last September, a somewhat grey day……..
Norman Tharby
With all the rain we have been having I thought of  . . .A  for ARK where the animals (antelope  and alpaca) entered 2 metres by 2 metres  . . .
Pauline Burke
A for Aquarelle
Elena Statham
I recently completed the Illustrating Children’s Books course and I
enjoyed it so much that I wish to go on and have just enrolled for the
watercolor course. My week-end challenge, just the letter A and some apples. Watercolor and
Rose-Marie Biehlig
My A for this weeks art challenge.
Vicki Watkins
A is for… Apple – using FC Polychromos coloured pencils.
Suzanne Prytherch
A is for Arab. Return to Giza. Spray Acrylic on canvas board.
Dave Smedley
A is for apple. I called this piece “Brain food”
Ruth Stirton
Some quick food themed sketches and collage for the letter A.
Sophie Murphy
A – for avocado – been playing with my new toys (polychromos) over Christmas.
Liz Collins
For weekend challenge A is for Anger.
Sarah Hogan
‘A’ smacks of Art History. Traps my total attention! So here is the plan I feel I must mention.
I’ll ape an artist each month, suitably lettered. (A thematical temptation which, for me, can’t be bettered.) As this is the season for snow, cold and damp
and icy landscapes. I give you The Master… Hendrick AVERCAMP!
Dutch and delightful, from the 17th C
his ‘Winter Scene on a Canal’ – is now a pastiche by, well…me.
Mixed media. Charcoal pencil and pastel on coloured pastel paper. But please enjoy the real original!
Julie Smalley
Weekend challenge: A for Anxiety
Khadiga Kadry
A is for apple. Practicing my shading on the coloured pencil course.
Pete Taylor
My drawing in coloured pencils, mainly Prismacolor, A for ant.
Marie Désy-Field
The effect of staying at home is painting what you see around yourself everyday!
Mila Zinzen
Here’s my painting (in watercolour) for this weekend’s art challenge, beginning with an A, as Arctic Fox.
Véra Jaouadi
A is for Arnold. Rimmer. BsC. Pencil.
Jackie Groves
A for aquarium.We generally feel relaxed watching fishes in a aquarium .So starting 2021 in a happy note…
Latha Bhaduri Prabakar
A is for Astronaut
Done with Coloured pencil.
Elrita Roos
A for ‘Abstract’ so just did this for the weekend challenge.
Lynn Lock
An albatross in pencil.
Nina Phillips
For the weekend challenge…. painting of Astronaut in space.
Shailaja Rathinavel
Weekend challenge, Animal
Dora Birgis
A for acrylics . Weekend challenge.
I’m on the illustration course, but did this Self portrait in acrylic on board today for something a bit different.
Sarah Lister
A is for the Animal on the hunt. Done in graphite pencil.
Michelle Mosley
Weekend challenge – Angel in watercolour and pen
Bebe Canter
A for apple! My weekend challenge for this week ‘A with Bs’
I couldn’t wait to get started on the new #weekendchallenge For me A is for…Arachnid! I have never painted a spider before so thought this would be a good challenge. Love them or hate them you cannot deny they are amazing creatures. We’ve had lots of icy winter mornings here and their cobwebs are quite magical glittering with frost. Happy New Year all!
Sarah Egerton
Dip pen and ink drawing, enjoying playing with my new pen.
Lou Addison-Brown
My contribution to the challenge… A for my American cocker spaniel in ink.
Dylan F Jeskye
Alphabet Challenge ‘Alpha Mike Foxtrot’
Charlotte Draper
A for Anemones
Judy Feilder
Weekend Challenge. A is for Arachnid
Trish Marsh
My A is for my mum, Anne, who I drew from this old photo
Andrea Williams
Just when you think you’re in charge of your own destiny, the universe hands you a Chance card … call it fate, or karma, if you will. But I reckon
A is for Arbitrary.
Annette Pfifferling Marti
I’ve been a bit under the weather and not really up to much but thought I’d share this for the “A theme”
Pete Woolgar
Weekend art challenge…. You’ve got to be a Star Wars fan for this one 🤣. A is for Ahsoka Tano.
Elizabeth Robinson
Aaarrgghh! Abstracted After 2020 Acutely Afflicted – CHALLENGE A
Carole Busby
The pastel painting that I did for the 2020 London Art College competition, it can also double up as my contribution to the letter A.
Patricia Elliott
Astronaut of today facing the challenge of the moment?
(I did this one when I was practicing layers in GIMP for the digital illustration course.)
Audrey Quinton

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2 thoughts on “Alphabet Challenge Letter A

  1. Thoroughly enjoyed looking at the challenge results, it would have been nice to know the courses they were on.

  2. Hi Margo,
    So pleased that you have enjoyed the letter A challenge. It would be tricky for me to gather that information on each student Margo, as you can imagine it takes a lot of time to collate everything as it is, however if the students do post which course they are on in the text that goes along with the images, I will always add it for you to see.
    Melanie x

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